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Access Group Details



The Access Group Details page is where you arrive after creating a new access group; it's also where you go to edit an existing access group. From here, you can add or edit the access group name and description, add or remove group members, and configure access privileges for different permission sets.New-Access-Group-Details-2.png

  • Access Group Name—This section shows the name of the access group. To change the name of the access group, click Edit on the right. We recommend that you make the name as descriptive as possible (for example, “Edit Resource Allocations”) so that you understand what it consists of at a glance when viewed elsewhere in Kantata OX. For more information on changing an access group name, see the How to Edit an Access Group article.Edit-Access-Group-Name-Dialog.png
  • Access Group Description—This field contains the access group description. Although a description is optional, we recommend using it to provide a brief, yet detailed summary of what privileges the access group allows. Click Edit on the right to add or modify the access group description; a maximum of 256 characters are allowed. For more information on adding or editing an access group name, see the How to Edit an Access Group article.Edit-Access-Group-Description-Dialog.png
  • Access Group Members—To add or remove members, click Edit on the right to open the Access Group Members page for this access group. For more information on adding or removing members, see the How to Add or Remove Access Group Members article.Access-Group-Members-Box.pngIf members were previously assigned to this access group, this section contains profile pictures of the first 10 members. If more than 10 members are assigned, the final profile placeholder image will show you how many additional members belong to the group. Hover over a member’s profile picture to see the name of the member.

Access Group Sets

An access groups set contains the configurable settings and permissions that relate to different areas of Kantata OX, giving you maximum flexibility and control over security and access for both members and features. For example, if you want to configure access to areas related to resource planning, click Edit in the Resource Management set.


The following is a list of all currently available access group sets.

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