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Distribute Scheduled Hours



When you use resource estimated hours via estimates or templates to plan your projects, you can duplicate these hours and convert them to scheduled hours on tasks using tools in the following areas of Kantata OX:

Distributing Scheduled Hours from the Task Tracker

All users with schedule hours project permissions can distribute scheduled hours to task assignments in the Task Tracker. For the hours to properly distribute, tasks must have a Start Date and a Due Date and the number of hours must fit within that date range.

To distribute scheduled hours in the Task Tracker, select each task that you’d like to distribute hours to—choosing the select all checkbox to apply to all top-level tasks and outdented tasks—then click the Scheduled Hours button in the toolbar and select Distribute Scheduled Hours.


Distributing Scheduled Hours from the Resourcing Tab

Note: When the new Resourcing tab is enabled, distributing scheduled hours within a project works the same as it does in the Resource Center. For more information, see Distributing Scheduled Hours from the Resource Center.

Within the Resourcing tab, Account Administrators through Report Viewers can use the Resourcing Shaping tool to distribute scheduled hours if they have Edit Financials project permissions or higher. The Resource Shaping tool offers the following distribution options:

  • Front Load
  • Distribute Evenly
  • Back Load
  • Consume set amount
Note: The Resource Shaping tool can also be used in the Scheduling section of the Task Details side panel.


Front Load

Frontloading will fill the workweek greedily, allocating up to 8 available hours per day, 40 hours per week, going forward until it has consumed the planned or estimated hours allowance entered for the assignee.


Distribute Evenly

Distributing evenly will spread the remaining estimated or planned hours evenly per day or week across the defined date range. For example:

  • If 10 hours are evenly distributed over 5 days, it will add 2 hours to those days above any manual hour allocations.
  • If 80 hours are evenly distributed over 4 weeks, it will allocate 20 hours per week for each of those weeks on top of any manually allocated hours.


Back Load

Backloading will fill the workweeks greedily, starting from the last week of the date range and allocating up to 8 hours per day, 40 available hours per week, going backwards until it has consumed the hours allowance entered for the assignee.


Consume Set Amount

Consuming a set amount sets the hours allocated per day or week in the date range and does not require resource estimated hours to distribute hours. For example, regardless of prior manual allocation, you can:

  • Enter 10 hours per day to set each day to 10 hours.
  • Enter 20 hours per week to set each week within the date range to 20 hours.


Distributing Scheduled Hours from the Resource Center

All users that have permission to schedule hours via the Resource Management access group set can distribute scheduled hours from the Resource Center. For the hours to properly distribute, tasks must have a start date and a due date.


Note: Users with permissions to schedule hours also have the ability to reassign scheduled hours from one user to another.

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