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Resource Scheduling Overview

[For Premier Customers Only]

At Mavenlink, we know that effectively managing and allocating your teams’ tasks, hours, and project schedules can be a daunting task. That’s why our Resource Planning functionality allows Premier Members to merge your high-level resourcing strategy with the day-to-day planning that a Project Manager does at the task level. The goal behind resource management is to improve visibility for key decision makers by providing an “at a glance” overview of showing how utilized personnel members are at any given time.

Premier members have a weekly “Schedule” view in Mavenlink that displays all the tasks that have been allocated to you. You can copy an entire week’s allocated hours to your Timesheet with a single click.

To populate the Schedule view, a Project Manager with Financial Access in the Project Workspace can allocate teams and hours to tasks using the Task-level Resource Planning tool. You can find this view by navigating to a Project Task Tracker or accessing it via a Task’s Detail View. This functionality makes it easy to define a resource’s work week and apply hours automatically.

Master Planning plays nicely with the task-level resource allocation tool since it bubbles up the Project Manager’s task allocations to this global view. Admins can also use this view to invite resources to a project and define a baseline resourcing strategy. From Master Planning, admins have visibility into how their baseline plan translated into the resource’s actual schedule.

To begin, creating a resourcing strategy click on the Planning icon found on the left-hand navigation.

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