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Resource Scheduling Overview



At Kantata, we know that effectively managing and allocating your teams’ tasks, hours, and project schedules can be a daunting task. That’s why our Resource Planning functionality allows you to merge your high-level resourcing strategy with the day-to-day planning that a Project Manager does at the task level. The goal behind resource management is to improve visibility for key decision makers by providing an “at a glance” overview of showing how utilized personnel members are at any given time.

Premier members have a weekly Schedule view in Kantata OX that displays all of your tasks that have scheduled hours. You can copy an entire week’s scheduled hours to your Timesheet with a single click.

To populate the Schedule view, a Project Manager with Project Financials access in the Project Workspace can allocate teams and hours to tasks using the Task-level Resource Planning tool. You can find this view by navigating to a Project Task Tracker or accessing it via a Task’s Detail View. This functionality makes it easy to define a resource’s work week and apply hours automatically.

Resource Center plays nicely with the task-level resource allocation tool since it bubbles up the Project Manager’s task allocations to this global view. Admins can also use this view to invite resources to a project and define a baseline resourcing strategy. From Resource Center, admins have visibility into how their baseline plan translated into the resource’s actual schedule.

To begin, creating a resourcing strategy select Resourcing from the left-hand navigation.

Planned Hours and Scheduled Hours

In Kantata OX, Planned Hours are used in the Resource Center section to serve as a guide on assigning Scheduled Hours. Planned hours are more of a rough cut, or white board, of hours to "hold" for resources. Planned hours only live in Resource Center, and there is no communication reported to team members regarding planned hours.

Scheduled hours are considered committed hours for resources to work. These hours are scheduled at the task level within a project. From Resource Center, simply click the arrow next to the resource's name you'd like to schedule and select the project link. This will now bring up the project Task Tracker in the Resource Scheduling mode.

An example of planned hours is when a company is about to win a large engagement and want to make sure to put a hold on multiple team resources in order to be able to start the work on time when the deal is signed.

An example of scheduled hours is when the same large deal listed above is signed and ready to start. The project and tasks are created, and the company can now schedule or commit these hours to actual work needing to be completed.

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