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Categorizing Billable, Non-Billable Productive, Internal/Admin, and PTO Time

We have devised a method to allow you to break out non-billable time into Productive, Non-Productive, and PTO buckets in reports. It is accomplished using special text in projects and groups. Metrics using this special text are already available if you decide to use this method. Custom reports can be built using these metrics. The following is the primary standard report that utilizes this method.

All-Actual-Hours-Breakdown.pngRequired Setup for Projects/Groups to identify time this way:

To categorize time into these buckets, the following special strings need to be used as either the first characters or last characters of the project name or anywhere in the first 224 characters of the Project Description (including the opening and closing square brackets): 

  • Non-billable PTO hours, use the string: [PTO]
  • Non-billable non-productive hours, use either of the strings: [ADMIN] or [INTERNAL]
  • Non-billable productive hours, no string needed
  • Billable hours, no string needed

Lastly, these strings can be used anywhere in a group name. This allows you to use the group to categorize all related projects into the given bucket. Care must be taken as it is entirely possible to place a [Admin] project in a [PTO] group. Double counting of hours can occur in this case. The purpose of having the categorization at the Project level and the Group level is to give you flexibility. We recommend using just one approach that best fits the way you use Mavenlink (e.g. at the beginning of a project name OR in a group name OR in the project description). This is the safest way. You can always see what projects are in each group through the Project List in Core Mavenlink.

Note: These characters are not case sensitive, however they require the blocked brackets.

Resulting Reports

As a result, the definition of hours in these specialized reports work with the following rules being applied in the order as written:

  • Billable: Any and all hours on Billable projects are viewed as such.
  • Admin/Internal: Any hours that are non-billable and are on Projects/Groups coded as [Admin] or [Internal] as defined above.
  • PTO: Any hours that are coded at [PTO] as defined above.
  • Non-Billable/Productive: Derived from the total of ALL Non-Billable hours minus those categorized as Non-Productive or PTO. As a result all Non-Billable hours are categorized in one of these buckets.
  • Over/Underused Capacity: All hours are subtracted from the Total Capacity (defined as Workweek Hours) to determine if less hours were logged that the organization's Capacity (under) or more (over)
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