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Insights Frequently Asked Questions


Why can't I use certain attributes and metrics in the same report?

Some attributes and metrics can't be used in the same report due to an indirect or complex relationship in our data model, such as a many-to-many relationship. A many-to-many relationship is when multiple items in one data set are connected to multiple items in another data set. For example, a project can contain many groups and a group can contain many projects.


Examples of attributes and metrics that have a many-to-many relationship and can’t be used in the same report include:

  • The Task: Name attribute and the Group: Name attribute
  • The Project: Name attribute and the Task Tag: Name attribute
  • The Group: Name attribute and the Hours Actual metric

Can the default range for a week filter on a dashboard be changed to Sunday to Saturday?

No. The default range for week filters is Monday to Sunday and this can’t be changed. You can manually select a custom range in the filter while viewing the dashboard.

Which currency is used when reporting on User Cost Rate?

The cost rate in the account's default currency is selected when you use the User Cost Rate metric.

Does the Workday Time in Hours metric include holidays and time off?

Holiday hours and time off are automatically deducted from the Workday Time in Hours metric.

What is the difference between the User: Default Role and Role: Name attributes?

Role: Name is a user's role in a project, which is set on the Rates & Roles page. A person may have multiple roles in a project.

User: Default Role is a user's account role, which is selected in the Account Members Details side panel in Settings > Members.

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