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Insights Classic: Add Dates to a Report

Add dates to an Insights report to break down data by date range.

User Permissions Needed: Account Administrator, Reports Viewer With Cost, Reports Viewer
Insights Permissions: Can Edit

Dates are a special kind of attribute that allow you to break down data by date range. Adding dates to a report is a similar process to adding other attributes.

  1. After you've opened the report editor from a dashboard or in the Advanced Editor, select How to open the attribute selector.
  2. In the left column, select a date attribute folder. For most situations, you’ll want to select Date dimension (Shared). This is the folder for the Date: Shared attribute, which is a general purpose date attribute that allows you to connect data types of different objects.
  3. In the center column, select how you want to break down the data. You can select multiple options to break down data by a larger date range then a smaller date range (for example, by quarter then month).
    Commonly used options include:
    • Date (Shared)—Breaks down data by day (e.g. 1/1/2022, 1/2/2022, etc).
    • Month/Year (Shared)—Breaks down data by month and year (e.g. January 2022, February 2022, etc).
    • Week (Mon-Sun)/Year (Shared) or Week (Sun-Sat)/Year (Shared)—Breaks down data by week and year (e.g. W1/2022, W2/2022, etc). You can choose a Monday to Sunday or a Sunday to Saturday week.
    • Quarter/Year (Shared)—Breaks down data by quarter and year (e.g. Q1 2022, Q2 2022, etc).
    • Year (Shared)—Breaks down data by year (e.g. 2021, 2022, etc).
  4. In the right column, you can select a Display Label to set the date format that appears in the report.
  5. Click Done. The report is regenerated.
  6. Click Save to save your changes to the report.

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