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Find Recommendations for a Single Resource



When Resource Recommendations are enabled, you can replace an unnamed resource with a named resource based on the recommended resources that display in the Resource side panel. Resources are recommended based on skills, role match, custom fields, availability, and other criteria. If you'd like to update multiple unnamed resources—with a specific role or all roles assigned to a project—at once, you can use Team Builder instead.

Note: If you do not have Resource Recommendations enabled, you can Change an Unnamed Resource to a Team Member using the Add Member (“   ”) icon in Master Planning.

How to Find Recommendations for a Resource

  1. From the left-hand nav, go to PlanningMaster Planning. Planning-Left-Side-Nav-Bar.png
  2. By default, the Resources List is grouped by Team Member, which can list both unnamed and named resources.
  3. Expand the Role, and select the unnamed resource for the Project you want. master-planning-resource-recommendation-single-resource.png
  4. From the Resource side panel, go to Details > Team Members. When you select the box, the drop down menu shows recommendations in order of best suited based on your weighted criteria. Hovering over a recommendation shows you more information. master-planning-single-resource-recommendation-no-skills.png
  5. Adding skills and custom fields for the unnamed resource will change who is recommended, and in what order.
  6. Select the name of the member you want, and click OK to confirm that all task assignments, scheduled hours, and allocations should be moved to the named resource you selected.

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