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Approve or Reject a Resource Request

Default Account Permissions: Account Administrator


Resource Requests—which can be enabled in your Resource Management Settings—give organizations more control over who is staffed on specific projects by requiring users to submit requests when they need project roles filled. This ensures that staffing decisions are made only by the members that are designated as Resource Request Approvers.

Note: Any account member who has access to view all projects in the Resource Center and edit named resources can be designated as a Resource Request Approver.

As a Resource Request Approver, you:

  • Receive notifications when requests are submitted to you
  • Approve submitted requests that meet your staffing criteria
  • Reject submitted requests that don’t have enough information—such as the skills needed or other data from custom fields—or cannot be staffed due to staffing limitations or other reasons

Before a request can be submitted for approval, unnamed resources must be added to the project. These unnamed resources are created based on the roles listed in your account settings.

Once a request has been submitted, an email notification is sent to the selected approver and an Envelope icon appears next to the unnamed resource in the Resource Center.


Resource Requests can be approved or rejected via email or anywhere that the Resource side panel can be accessed, but the Envelope icon that indicates a request has been submitted only appears in the Resource Center.

Note: When the new Resourcing tab is enabled, you can view Resource Requests in the Resourcing tab as well.

How to Approve or Reject a Resource Request via Email

  1. Open your email client, look for the subject line New Resource Request, and open the email.
  2. Click on Link to Request to view the Resource side panel. resource-request-new-request-email-notification.png
  3. You can change the Resource Label to distinguish between senior and more junior-level roles, as well as the Role to ensure the correct rate is being used. resource-request-update-role.png
  4. To approve a request, you must select a Team Member from the Details drop-down menu.
  5. Select Approve Request to fulfill the request.
    Select Reject Request to have the requester submit a new request.

How to Approve or Reject a Resource Request via Resource Center

  1. In the left navigation, hover over Resourcing and select Resource Center.
  2. Select the Team Members or Projects tab.
  3. To quickly find requests that need approval with the Resources filter, do the following:

    1. If you selected the Team Members tab, select Unnamed in the Resource Center toolbar to display unnamed resources. Otherwise, skip to the next step.
    2. Select the Filters button to open the Filters modal.
    3. In the Fields section (the left pane), select Resources.
    4. In the Values section (the middle pane), choose to display Requests Submitted To You or—if you need to see all resource requests—Submitted Resource Requests.
  4. Expand the project or role to see what needs approval and on what projects, then select the Resource Label to open the Resource side panel.
  5. From the side panel, you can change the Resource Label and the Role, if necessary.
  6. In the Details section, select a Team Member from the drop-down menu. resource-request-selecting-team-member.png
  7. Once you have selected the desired team member, select Approve Request.
    - or -
    To have the requester start over and submit a new request, select Reject Request.
    If the request is approved, hours and assignments move to the named resource and the named resource replaces the unnamed resource on the project.

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