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Approve or Reject a Resource Request



In order to submit, approve, or reject a request, you must first have Resource Requests enabled in your Resource Management Settings.


There are two ways you can approve or reject a resource request: from your email inbox or from Master Planning.

How to Approve or Reject a Resource Request via Email

  1. Open your email client, look for the subject line New Resource Request, and open the email.
  2. Click on Link to Request to view the Resource side panel. resource-request-new-request-email-notification.png
  3. You can change the Resource Label to distinguish between senior and more junior-level roles, as well as the Role to ensure the correct rate is being used. resource-request-update-role.png
  4. To approve a request, you must select a Team Member from the Details drop-down menu. resource-request-selecting-team-member.png
  5. Click Approve to fulfill the request. resource-request-approve-request.png
  6. Click Reject Request to have the requester start over.

How to Approve or Reject a Resource Request via Master Planning

  1. Go to Planning > Master Planning. Planning-Left-Side-Nav-Bar.png
  2. By default, the Resource List is filtered by Team Member. You can quickly find requests that need approval with the Resources filter. resource-requests-master-planning-resources-filter.png
  3. Expand the unnamed resource to see what needs approval, and on what Projectsresource-request-master-planning-filter-submitted-to-you.png
  4. Click the Resource Label to open the Resource side panel. resource-request-resource-label-to-open-side-panel.png
  5. From the side panel, you can change the Resource Label and the Role, if necessary.
  6. Select a Team Member from the Detail drop-down menu, then click Approve Request. resource-request-selecting-team-member.png
  7. Choose Reject Request to have the requester start over and submit a new request.


Note: If you are an Approver, you can directly allocate a resource instead of making a request.

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