Resource Planning

  • Resource Estimates

    Overview Estimation occurs prior to the start of a project to ensure that you have the time and resources necessary to be successful. With our Reso...

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  • Project Resource Planner

    [ Premier | Enterprise ] OverviewMavenlink’s Resource Planner allows Project and Resource Managers to see both the team members assigned to a proje...

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  • Resource Shaping in Master Planning

    [Admins and Report Viewers on a Premier Plan Only] Mass Resource Planning just got easier with Mavenlink’s new Resource Shaping Tool. Found unde...

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  • Bill Rates and Cost Rates Overview

    [Premier Customers Only] Mavenlink allows you to assign all your team members a Bill Rate and a Cost Rate. We use these rates to help you project ...

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  • Resource Scheduling Overview

    [For Premier Customers Only] At Mavenlink, we know that effectively managing and allocating your teams’ tasks, hours, and project schedules can ...

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  • Planned Budget

    [Premier Project Leads using the resource planning tool] The Project Budget calculation will help you optimize job costing by calculating how much...

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  • Master Planning

    [Admins and Reports Viewers on a Premier Plan Only] Master Planning helps solve a big problem facing almost every business: how to efficiently a...

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  • Rate Cards Overview

    [Premier] Rate Cards allow you to standardize Bill Rates by a role someone is playing in a project, such as Designer. You can create unique Rate...

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  • Mavenlink Resource Shaping Tool Makes Resource Scheduling Fast and Easy

    Resource Scheduling just got easier with Mavenlink’s new Resource Shaping Tool. Found under Scheduling on the Task Detail’s section, this functiona...

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