Resource Planning

  • Resource Shaping Tool

    [ Enterprise | Premier | Professional ] Overview The Resource Shaping tool allows Admins and Report Viewers to create rough-cut resource plans by d...

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  • Resource Estimates

    Overview Estimation occurs prior to the start of a project to ensure that you have the time and resources necessary to be successful. With our Reso...

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  • Project Resource Planner

    [ Premier | Enterprise ] OverviewMavenlink’s Resource Planner allows Project and Resource Managers to see both the team members assigned to a proje...

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  • Resource Scheduling Overview

    [For Premier Customers Only] At Mavenlink, we know that effectively managing and allocating your teams’ tasks, hours, and project schedules can ...

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  • Planned Budget

    [Premier Project Leads using the resource planning tool] The Project Budget calculation will help you optimize job costing by calculating how much...

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  • Master Planning

    [Admins and Reports Viewers on a Premier Plan Only] Master Planning helps solve a big problem facing almost every business: how to efficiently a...

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  • Rate Cards Overview

    [Premier] Rate Cards allow you to standardize Bill Rates by a role someone is playing in a project, such as Designer. You can create unique Rate...

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