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Project Admin Box: Budget Tab



The Budget tab of the Project Admin box in the project workspace allows you to set/edit the budget, change rates, and override the bill rates for the Providers of this project. You can also see what percent of the budget has been used so far and additional budget breakdown data.

To access the Project Admin box, hover over Projects in the left-hand nav bar and then select a project. You can find the box on the right side of the project workspace under the Activity tab.Budget_tab.png

The top portion of the Budget tab shows the total budget amount and which users are able to view this tab. Top_of_Budget_tab.png

The middle portion of the tab shows an organized breakdown of the budget data, including the Actual Fees to Date and Remaining amounts, number of budgeted tasks, project hours remaining, and total/billable expenses.Actual_fees_to_date.png

The bottom portion of the tab shows recent budget activity, such as change orders and the original budget. Click the arrow in-line with a change order to view the order submission details.Budget_activity.png

How to Propose a Budget Change (as a Provider)

If you need to make an addition or subtraction to the total budget—not provide a new total budget—you can do so from the Project Admin box.

  1. In the Budget tab of the Project Admin box, click Propose Budget Change. Additional fields appear.Propose_budget_change.png
    Note: This option only appears if Project Settings require that changes to the budget be approved by clients with Project Financials permissions (or higher). If there are no clients with the appropriate permission level in the project, a Project Administrator on the Provider side of the project can approve budget changes.
  2. Click the Price Change field to enter the amount of the budget change. The change can be a positive or negative amount.Price_change.png
    Note: The price change amount must be a whole number. If your budget change proposal contains a decimal, that decimal amount will not be included in the budget change. For example, if you propose a change of $500.75, the budget change will be submitted as $500.
  3. If desired, provide a Message.
  4. Click Submit. The proposed budget change appears in the project's Activity feed and under the Budget tab of the Project Admin box.

How to Approve or Decline a Budget Change

You can Approve or Decline a proposed budget change at the top of the Budget tab of the Project Admin box.Approve_or_Decline_Budget_change.png

Alternatively, you can Approve or Decline a budget change in the Activity feed.Budget_feed_in_Activity_Feed.png


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