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Project Admin Box: Schedule Tab



The Schedule tab in the Project Admin box allows you to set or propose a project due date, track any due date changes, and sync the project schedule with your Google Calendar.

To access the Project Admin box, hover over Projects in the left-hand nav bar and then select a project. You can find the box on the right side of the project workspace under the Activity tab.Schedule_tab.png

The top of the Schedule tab shows the project Start and Due dates. Top_of_Schedule_tab.png

The middle portion of the tab shows the percentage of Milestone Weights that are Completed and Remaining. Just below that, you’ll see a list of your Completed and Not completed project milestones. Click the arrow in-line with either type to view a list of Complete and Not Complete tasks and their completeness percentages.Completed_tasks_and_Milestones.png

The bottom of the tab shows all Date Changes that have been submitted. Click the arrow in-line with a specific Date Change to view submission details.Date_Change.png

If your account isn’t currently synced with Google Workspace, you can click Sync with GCal to be taken to the Google Workspace settings and connect your Google Calendar.Sync_button.png

How to Propose a Schedule Change

  1. Click the Schedule tab of the Project Admin box.
  2. Click Propose New Date at the bottom of the Schedule section.Propose_new_date_button.png
    Note: This option only appears if Project Settings require that changes to the schedule be approved by a client or a provider with Project Financials permissions (or higher).
  3. Click the Proposed Date field. The date picker appears.Date_picker.png
  4. Select a date from the calendar.
  5. If desired, add a Message.Proposed_date.png
  6. Click Submit. The proposed date change appears in the project's Activity feed and under the Schedule tab of the Project Admin box.
    Note: You may only propose one new date at a time per project; the Propose New Date button disappears until you Cancel the request or it is approved or declined by a provider with Project Financials permissions (or higher).

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