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Insights Classic: Clone a Report

Clone an Insights report to make a copy.

User Permissions Needed: Account Administrator, Reports Viewer With Cost, Reports Viewer
Insights Permissions: Can Edit

  1. In the left navigation, hover over Insights, then select the dashboard that contains the report you want to clone.
  2. Select the dashboard tab where the report appears.
  3. Hover over the report then select the More icon.
  4. In the report info popup that appears, click View This Report. The report editor opens.
  5. Select Options > Save as….
  6. In the modal that appears, update the name, description, tags, folder, and visibility to your desired values.
  7. Click Save As. The clone is created and the report editor refreshes to display the cloned report.
  8. Use the What button to add metrics (i.e. calculated or aggregated data) and the How button to add attributes (i.e. text values that break down the data in different ways). Use the facts, attributes, and metrics table to find the data you need to create reports you want.
    For more details about the various options in the report editor, please see the Getting Started with the Insights Report Editor article.
  9. Click Done to generate the report.
  10. Use the chart icons to change the chart type.
  11. Select Save to save your changes to the cloned report. You’ll be returned to the dashboard.

Note: The cloned report will not be added to the dashboard. To add the report to a dashboard, edit the dashboard, select Report in the Dashboard Edit Toolbar, then select the report.


If you would like to copy a report on one dashboard to another dashboard without making any changes to the report, you can simply add the report to the dashboard without cloning it.

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