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Resource Requests Overview

Default Account Permissions: Account Administrator


An Account Administrator must enable Resource Requests in the Resource Management Settings.


With Resource Requests, you can create repeatable staffing processes within your organization by establishing a specific list of approvers and requiring users to submit requests for their staffing demand. To submit these requests, unnamed resources are used as placeholders for the open roles, allowing you to add task assignments, add scheduled hours to those assignments, add allocated hours to a project, and associate the skills and other attributes needed for the open role.

Before you start using Resource Requests, we recommend adding Resource Custom Fields to use with resources to both classify your resource demand and follow your existing business processes. You can also add existing User Custom Fields to resources, or create new ones and make them available to resources.

NOTE: Custom fields made available to resources do not follow standard User Custom Field permissions but are instead dependent on the permissions in Resource Center. In other words, if you can view the resource, you can view all the custom fields. If you can edit the resource, then you can edit the custom fields.

Building a skills library under Settings > Skills will also help you to fill requests more quickly and accurately, as approvers can match the skills needed for a role to the skills that account members have assigned to them in the system.

Tip: Skills are also helpful when Resource Recommendations are enabled, giving approvers more accurate recommendations by matching skills on the open role with the skills that recommended resources have.

Account Administrators can enable Resource Requests and add approvers under Settings > Resource Management.


Resource Request Approvers

You can designate specific account members as Resource Request Approvers. In order to approve requests, an account member must have permissions to view all projects in Resource Center and edit named resources.

Once assigned, these approvers are notified of resource requests, can select a resource to fill the role, and can approve or reject these requests in the Resource side panel.



If you have Resource Recommendations enabled, approvers will see a list of recommended account members to fill the role. Hovering over each recommendation, you can see additional information that can help you determine if a resource may be the right fit.

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