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Clone an Access Group




At times, you may want to create an access group that is similar to an existing access group with only a few differences. Instead of creating a new one and duplicating the information manually, you can quickly clone an existing access group and make only the changes you need. For example, you may want to create an access group similar to Collaborators but with more access to projects. In that case, you can clone Collaborators, rename it, and then configure additional permissions.

How to Clone an Access Group

  1. Hover over Settings in the left-hand nav bar and select Access Groups.Access-Groups-Left-Nav.png
  2. On the Access Groups page, select Clone Access Group from the More icon under the Actions column header. Clone_Access_Group_selection.png
  3. You are taken to the cloned group’s details page where you can edit the Access Group Name, provide an Access Group Description, add Access Group Members, and configure access groups sets that relate to different areas of Mavenlink (e.g., Resource Management Access).cloned_access_group_details_page.png

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