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What is Early Access?



The Early Access page gives you the ability to activate exciting new Mavenlink features on your account to give you more control over your feature adoption and change management.

Early access features have been thoroughly tested and are generally available to everyone. Enabling these features gives you and your users a chance to become familiar with them earlier on and learn how they will benefit your unique processes. If at any point you want to remove an Early Access feature from your account, you can go back to the Early Access page and toggle the feature to Off.

Note: Currently, only Account Administrators have the authority to enable early access features via the Early Access page. Once enabled, the feature will appear for all members on the account.

Page Layout

To locate the Early Access page, hover over Settings in the left-hand navigation bar, and then select Early Access.Early Access_nav_bar_selection.png

The specific features that you can enable will vary depending on which product enhancements are currently available. In the list, you will see a quick overview of what a specific feature does, the benefits it offers, and a link to a Knowledge Base article that can give you more information on its usage and application.Early_Access_page_Feature_description.png

Once a feature approaches its general release, you’ll be notified ahead of time that the feature will soon be removed from the Early Access page and fully integrated into all accounts.

Enabling an Early Access Feature

An Early Access feature can be either new functionality or an enhanced version of an existing feature where you can enable one or both at the same time.

For example, in this scenario there are two Task Trackers that are available for users to access: New Task Tracker and Task Tracker [Legacy]. To enable either the New Task Tracker or Task Tracker [Legacy], set the toggle to the green On position in-line with the specific version you would like to activate. Early_Access_Dual_Features_page.png

Alternatively, you can set both toggles to the green On position in-line to enable both the New Task Tracker and the Task Tracker [Legacy]. By doing this, both trackers will appear in the project workspace.  Early_Access_Task_Tracker__Both_Turned_On.png

If you currently have one Task Tracker enabled but you want to switch to the other, first toggle both trackers On and then you can toggle one to the red Off position. This order is required to ensure that there is at least one Task Tracker enabled on your account at all times.Enable_one_toggle_early_access_page_copy.gif

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