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Syncing Salesforce Opportunity and Kantata OX Project Fields



In the standard Kantata OX Salesforce integration setup, you can update the Budget, Title, and Lead fields for the Kantata OX project. Additionally, the integration allows you to automatically sync these fields between Kantata OX projects (in both Salesforce and Kantata OX) and Salesforce opportunities.

For example, Title would sync the Kantata OX Project Title to the Opportunity's Name. If you updated the Opportunity Name, the Kantata OX Project Title would also immediately update. This article outlines how to sync each field.


  • You must be an Administrator in Salesforce. You can also log into your account as the Integration User who set up your Salesforce integration.
  • You must have at least Project Lead account permissions in Kantata OX, and be a participant in the project.

How to Sync Salesforce Opportunities and Kantata OX Project Fields

  1. Log in to Salesforce.
  2. Navigate to the Setup page.SFSetupButton.png
  3. Navigate to Mavenlink Configuration > Integration Options.SFIntOptions.png
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Under the Project Options (Standard Auto-Created Projects Only) section, select the Kantata OX project fields you want to manage. You can select multiple fields.SFMgFields.png
  6. Click Save. The selected project fields are now updated by Salesforce opportunities.
    • The budget of the Kantata OX project now syncs with the associated opportunity's Amount field.
    • The title of the Kantata OX project now syncs with the associated Opportunity Name field.
    • The project lead of the Kantata OX project does not sync with a standard opportunity field, but with the Mavenlink Project Lead Lookup Field. This field references the API of another opportunity field that holds the email address of the user who is going to be added to the project as the project lead.

How to Enable the Kantata OX Project Lead Lookup Field

  1. Create a custom opportunity field in Salesforce.
    1. Navigate to the Opportunities tab.
    2. Open the Quick Access Menu by clicking on the arrow to the right side of the page.SFQuickAccessButton.png
    3. In the Quick Access Menu, click on the + New button next to View Fields to create a custom field for the Opportunity object.SFOppsNewFields.png
    4. Select Lookup Relationship as the data type.SFNewOppCF.png
    5. Click Next.
    6. Select User as what you want to look up with this field. SFSelectRelatedObject.png
    7. Click Next.
    8. Enter a label and name for the field. You can also add a description and help text.mceclip1.png
    9. Click Next.
    10. Select permissions for who can view and edit the field.SFNewOppCFType.png
      • Visible — Enabled only for users who can edit the field.
      • Read-Only — Enabled for users who can view the field, but not edit.
        Note: Visible is auto-selected with this, but the user cannot edit when Read-Only is also enabled.
    11. Click Next.
    12. Select page layouts that should include this field.mceclip2.png
    13. Click Save. The new custom field is now created.
    14. Scroll down to the Opportunity Custom Fields & Relationships table, and copy the API Name of the new custom field.SFNewOppCFList.png
    15. In a text editor, insert the API Name into this line of text: Opportunity.Insert_API_Name_Here.Email
      (e.g. Opportunity.User__c.Email)
    16. Copy the modified line of text.
  2. Make sure the user you want to set as the project lead in a Kantata OX project is added to it. Otherwise, the user will not populate on this list. To do this, please follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to the Setup page.SFSetupButton.png
    2. In the Quick Find box, search for users. Under Administer > Manage Users, select Users.SFManageUsers.png
    3. Click New User.SFUsers.png
    4. Enter details for the new user. Make sure the email address set for the user matches their email address in Kantata OX.

    5. Click Save.

  3. Navigate to Mavenlink Configuration > Opportunity-Level Project Settings.SFOppLvlPjSettingsEdt.png
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Under Project Creation, in the Mavenlink Project Lead Lookup Field, paste the Opportunity.Insert_API_Name_Here.Email line of text from Step 1p.SFOppProjLead.png The project lead of the Kantata OX project will now sync with this field.
  6. Test your configuration by creating a test opportunity and specifying a user as the project lead. SFProjLeadExample.pngThe new project in both Salesforce and Kantata OX should display the user as the project lead.


The information in opportunities overrides the information in Kantata OX projects (in either Kantata OX or Salesforce). If you try to update a Kantata OX project with data that does not match data in its associated opportunity, the information will change back to match the opportunity data during the next hourly job sync, or whenever the opportunity is updated next.

For example, if the Amount was originally set to $1000 in the opportunity, and you try to change the project budget in Kantata OX to $1500, the integration will change it back to $1000.

If you are still having issues syncing Salesforce Opportunity and Kantata OX Project fields, please email


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