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Syncing Mavenlink Invoices to Salesforce



Mavenlink's Salesforce integration has a feature that allows you to sync your invoices from Mavenlink to Salesforce. This is helpful if you want to also store your Mavenlink invoices in Salesforce. This article outlines how to enable this feature.


  • You must be an Administrator in Salesforce. You can also log into your account as the Integration User who set up your Salesforce integration.
  • You must have at least Project Lead account permissions in Mavenlink, and be a participant in the project.
  • The Mavenlink invoice must be approved before it can sync to Salesforce.

How to Configure Salesforce to Sync with Mavenlink Invoices

  1. Log in to Salesforce.
  2. Navigate to the Setup page.SFSetupButton.png
  3. Navigate to Mavenlink Configuration > Integration Options.SFIntOptions.png
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Under the Project Options (All Projects) section, enable the Show Invoices field.SFProjOptions.png
  6. Click Save.
  7. Navigate to the Mavenlink Projects tab.SFMLProjTab.png
  8. Open the Quick Access Menu by clicking on the arrow to the right side of the page.SFQuickAccessButton.png
  9. In the Quick Access Menu, click View Object to customize the Mavenlink Project object.SFQuickAccessViewObject.png
  10. On the Mavenlink Project object page, navigate to Page Layouts.SFMLProjPgLyts.png
  11. Under the Action column and next to "Mavenlink Project Layout", click Edit.SFEditMLProjPgLyt.png
  12. In the Layout window, select Related Lists. SFPgLayoutsRelatedLists.png
  13. Find Mavenlink Invoices.image__1_.png
  14. Drag Mavenlink Invoices list to wherever you want.SFMoveMLInvList2.gif
  15. Save changes.SFMLProjLayout.png
  16. You will be prompted to overwrite personal list customizations for users. Respond Yes.SFPgLayoutConfirm.pngThe Mavenlink Invoices list will appear in the Mavenlink project.SFMLInvList.png
  17. Test your configuration by creating a test invoice in Mavenlink.SFTestInvoice.pngThe invoice should appear in Salesforce as well.SFMLInvoicesList.pngSFTestInvoice2.png


If you are still having issues syncing Mavenlink invoices to Salesforce, please email


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