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Automatically Assign Mavenlink Group based on Salesforce Account Name



Mavenlink's Salesforce integration eliminates the need to manually assign Mavenlink projects to Mavenlink Groups. Salesforce automatically assigns the Mavenlink project to a Mavenlink group with the same name as the Salesforce account that is associated with the opportunity. This article outlines how to enable this feature.


  • You must be an Administrator in Salesforce. You can also log into your account as the Integration User who set up your Salesforce integration.
  • You must have at least Project Lead account permissions in Mavenlink.
  • You must have a Group in Mavenlink.
  • You must have an Account or Account Group in your Salesforce environment.

How to Configure Salesforce to Automatically Assign Mavenlink Groups

  1. Log in to Salesforce.
  2. Navigate to the Setup page.SFSetupButton.png
  3. Navigate to Mavenlink Configuration > Integration Options.SFIntOptions.png
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Under the Project Options (All Projects) section, enable the Put Projects In Account Groups field.SFPutProjInAcctGrp.png
  6. Click Save.
  7. Make sure that the name of the Mavenlink Group is exactly the same as the Account Name in Salesforce. Navigate to the Accounts tab in Salesforce to see account names.
    • Group names in Mavenlink: MLProjectGroups.png
    • Account names in Salesforce:SFAccounts.png
  8. Select an account to associate with the opportunity you create in Salesforce.SFNewOppAcct.pngOnce the Salesforce opportunity creates a Mavenlink project, the integration looks for a Mavenlink Group with the exact same name as the Account in Salesforce.image__2_.png When it finds the group, it assigns the new Mavenlink project to the group.image__3_.png


    If the name of the account in Salesforce doesn’t exactly match any name of a Mavenlink group, the integration will create a new Mavenlink group. Make sure that names exactly match.

If you are still having issues syncing names for Accounts in Salesforce and Groups in Mavenlink, please email


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