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Access Group Set: Groups


This access group set allows you to control which members can create, view, and associate Groups to a project.Groups_access_group_set_edit.png

Groups allow you to collect project-related information that you can report on, track, and filter. While a group is commonly used to collect client information, it's specifically designed to be flexible and general so you can organize your data the way you prefer. 


Note: By default, all Account Default Access Groups are assigned the View groups permission, whereas Project Creators and above are assigned the Select groups and Manage groups permissions.


  • Manage groups—If checked, members can create, edit, or delete a group.
    Note: The Manage groups permission does not allow users to modify the Custom Fields section of a group. These permissions can be found in Settings > Custom Fields.
    Select groups—If checked, members can select a Group(s) and associate it to a project or rate card.
    Note: Only Account Administrators have the ability to associate a group to a user from the Member Details Side Panel.
    View groups—If checked, members can view the list of groups found on the Projects page.

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