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Kantata OX Projects for Salesforce Products/OLIs



The Kantata OX Salesforce integration allows you to create Kantata OX Projects when certain Products or OLIs are added to Opportunities. To configure the integration to do this, Salesforce users can create and add a new setting to Products/OLIs to indicate if a Kantata OX Project should be created when it is added to an Opportunity.

This is useful when services are separate from opportunities for your organization. For example, you might consider a client as an Opportunity in Salesforce, and the service rendered for that client (a service requiring a Kantata Project for budgeting or planning) as a Product or OLI.


All instructions outlined in this article are performed in your Salesforce account. Images are mostly for the Salesforce Classic UI, but notes for the process in the Lightning UI are included.SFClassic.png



Make sure you are working in the advanced Kantata-Salesforce integration.


How to Configure the Required Settings

Before you start, configure the integration to process Opportunities and their OLIs/Products. Specifically, make sure to...

  • Enable the processing of Opportunities,
  • Enable the creation of Kantata OX Projects for OLIs/Products, and
  • Select the stages of opportunities with Products/OLIs to create Kantata OX Projects for.
  1. Navigate to the Mavenlink Configuration > Integration Options tab.SFMLConfig2.png
  2. Click Edit.SFEdit.png
  3. Under Processing Control, choose to Enable Opportunity Processing.SFCDProcessingControl.png
  4. Click Save.SFSaveButton.png
  5. Navigate to the OLI-Level Project Settings tab.SFDCOLI-LvlProjSettings.png
  6. Click Edit.
  7. Under Project Creation, enable the creation of a Kantata OX Project for Every OLI.SFOLIProjSettings.png
  8. In the Opportunity Stage Values field, select the stages of opportunities with products/OLIs you want Kantata OX projects to be created for. Multiple stages can be selected.
  9. Click Save. You are now ready to create the custom setting.


Creating and Adding the New Setting

The new setting is created and added as a custom field for Products/OLIs, and is enabled by clicking in a checkbox.


How to Create the Custom Field

A Product custom field in Salesforce can be enabled to indicate when a Kantata OX project should be created for that Product/OLI.

  1. Navigate to Setup.SFSetupButton.pngSee Explore the Salesforce Setup Menu for more details.
    Note: In the Lightning UI, Setup can be found under the gear icon.SFLightningSetup.png
  2. Under the Build section of the Salesforce Mobile Quick Start, navigate to Customize > Products > Fields.SFDCLeftNav2.png
    Note: In the Lightning UI, navigate to Objects and Fields > Object Manager > Product > Fields & Relationships.SFDCLightningLeftNav.gif
    The Product Fields page displays.SFDCProductFields.png
  3. In the Product Custom Fields & Relationships section, click New.SFNewButton.png
  4. Select Checkbox as the Data Type of the custom Salesforce field.SFDCFieldType.png
  5. Click Next.
  6. Give the custom Salesforce field a name.SFDCNameField.png
    1. Field Label The field name that shows up in displays, page layouts, reports, and list views.
    2. Field Name The field name used for integration purposes, such as custom links, custom s-controls, and the API. This field auto-populates when you click outside of the Field Label box.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Select permissions for who can view and edit the field.SFDCFieldAccess.png
    1. Visible — Enabled only for users who can edit the field.
    2. Read-Only — Enabled for users who can view the field, but not edit.
      Note: Visible is auto-selected with this, but the user cannot edit when Read-Only is also enabled.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Select page layouts that should include this field.SFDCAdd2PgLayouts.png
  11. Click Save. The new setting is now created.


How to Add the New Setting to Products

  1. Navigate to the Mavenlink Package Configuration > Integration Options tab.SFMLConfig2.png
  2. Click Edit.SFEdit.png
  3. Under the Project Product Settings...SFDCProj4Prods.png
    1. Enable the creation of a Project Only For Specific Products.
    2. In the Projects Only for Specific Prod Field, enter the Field Name (not Label) of the custom Salesforce field.
  4. Click Save.SFSaveButton.pngThe setting is now added as a field in Products, and can be enabled in individual Products.


How to Enable the Setting for Individual Products

  1. Navigate to an opportunity.SFDCOpportunity.png
  2. Scroll down to the Products (Standard) section.
  3. Click Add Product.SFDCAddProduct.pngA list of all Products on your account displays.
  4. Find and select the product(s) that Kantata OX projects should be created for.SFDCAllProducts.pngThe product page displays.
  5. Edit the Product Detail section.SFDCProductDetail.png
  6. Enable the custom checkbox field created and added to Products in previous sections.SFDCEnableCreate.png
  7. Save your changes. A Kantata OX project should now be created anytime the Product is added to an Opportunity.

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