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Mapping Salesforce Opportunity Stages to Project Statuses



Mavenlink’s Salesforce integration allows you to map opportunity stages in Salesforce to Mavenlink projects statuses, like the "Closed Won" stage for a Salesforce opportunity to the "Green Active" status in Mavenlink.


How to Map Salesforce Opportunity Stages to Project Statuses

  1. Navigate to the Mavenlink Configuration > Opportunity-Level Project Settings tab.SFDCOppLvlProjSettings.png
  2. Click Edit.SFEdit.png
  3. Under the Project Creation section, select the opportunity stages you want to map. You can select multiple stages.SFDCOppLvlSettingsStageVal.pngNote: If there are fields already selected for stages of opportunities with products/OLIs to create Mavenlink projects for, leave them selected.
  4. Click Save.SFSaveButton.png
  5. Navigate to the Mavenlink Configuration > Integration Options tab.SFMLConfig2.png
  6. Click Edit.SFEdit.png
  7. Enter mappings in the Project Status Mappings box. A mapping is formatted as [Salesforce Opportunity Stage]=[Mavenlink Project Status ID]. For example, to map the Salesforce "Closed Won" opportunity stage to the Mavenlink "Green Active" project status, enter Closed Won=300. Enter multiple mappings on separate lines.SFDCProjectStatusMappings.png
  8. Click Save.SFSaveButton.png Opportunity stages in Salesforce should now map to project statuses in Mavenlink.

If you are still having issues with mapping Salesforce opportunity stages to Mavenlink project statuses, please email


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