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Salesforce Advanced Integration



The advanced Salesforce integration for Kantata OX allows you to create projects for Salesforce Opportunity Line Items (OLIs)/Products, to sync time, expenses, and invoices from Kantata OX to Salesforce, and more. Here's a quick comparison of the things you can do in the standard and advanced integrations:


Standard Advanced
  • Create project per opportunity
  • Create Unnamed Resources
  • Show Project Health Status
  • Set a system default template ID
  • Set default for Fixed Fee, Non-Billable, and Change Orders on projects
  • Set default Project Access, Time Approvals, and Expense Approvals on projects
  • Archive projects based on Stage
  • Automatically delete projects in Salesforce and archive projects in Kantata OX when corresponding Salesforce object is removed
  • Apply one default template to all Opportunity created projects
  • Sync posts from the Kantata OX Workspace to the chatter feed in the Kantata OX Object in Salesforce
  • Sync chatter feed posts from the Kantata OX Object in Salesforce to the Kantata OX Workspace
  • Map Opportunity Stage to Kantata OX Project Status
  • Sync Project Summary information from Kantata OX to Salesforce
  • Put Projects in Account Groups
  • Sync parent tasks from Kantata OX to Salesforce
  • Create a separate project per OLI/Product
  • Create Business Development Projects
  • Apply a different template based on Opportunity or multiple templates based on Opportunity Line or Product
  • Sync Role/Time summary from Kantata OX to Salesforce
  • Sync Time Entries (requires Time Approvals)
  • Sync Expenses (requires Expense Approvals)
  • Sync Invoices
  • Set Budget, Title, and Lead to be managed by Salesforce
  • Use a custom checkbox field to disable processing by Opportunity
  • Set the project lead in Kantata OX
  • Set the default department and geography on all projects
  • Limit Project Creation to Opportunities with specific Products
  • Set default rate card for projects
  • Automatically create Tasks in Kantata OX Project for specific products on Opportunity
  • Limit Project creation to Opportunities of specific types
  • Use email address for list of participants


How to Upgrade to the Advanced Kantata OX-Salesforce Integration

  1. Open your profile menu, and navigate to Developer Console.ProfileMenu.png
    Note: In the Lightning UI, the Developer Console can be found under the gear icon.SFDevConsole.png
    The Developer Console displays.
  2. Navigate to Debug > Open Execute Anonymous Window.SFDCApex.png
  3. Enter Mavenlink.MavenlinkExternal.updateSetting('pcsm.sct.advanced');, and click Execute.ExecuteInstall.png There should be a new log entry for the upgrade, with a Status of "Success".SFDCLogSuccess.png
  4. You're done! The upgrade to the advanced Kantata OX-Salesforce integration is now complete. Close the Developer Console.

If you are still having issues with upgrading to the advanced Kantata OX-Salesforce integration, please email


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