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Staff a Project with Team Builder



How to Use Team Builder to Staff a Project

  1. Go to Planning > Master Planning. Planning-Left-Side-Nav-Bar.png
  2. Select the Projects tab. master-planning-projects-tab-resource-recommendations.png
  3. If you want to add specific skills to unnamed resources before seeing recommendations, expand the Project, and add Skills to the Role as you normally would.
  4. Select the Add Member icon (“   ”) next to the project to load your request, based on your Criteria Weighting and Match Requirements.master-planning-team-builder-project-load-screen.gif
  5. Team Builder displays the best matches for each role.master-planning-team-builder.png
  6. You can view and select other recommendations from the Recommended Resource drop-down menu. master-planning-team-builder-select-different-resource.png
  7. If you need to change Criteria Weighting, and/or Match Requirements for the project, you can do so by selecting the Settings icon (“ “), and run recommendations again.
  8. Select the box next to each resource you want to add to the project, or check the box next to Project Resources to select all resources on the page. Note that, for large projects, Team Builder displays 25 resources per page.master-planning-team-builder-allocate.png
  9. Select if you want them to be Soft or Hard allocated, and then click Allocate Resources. master-planning-team-builder-allocate-resources-button.png
  10. A confirmation appears when resources have been allocated. master-planning-resource-recommendations-toast-confirmation.png
  11. The unnamed resources are now staffed with the recommended named resources. master-planning-resource-recommendations-team-builder-filled.png

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