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Enable Resource Recommendations


How to Enable Resource Recommendations

  1. From the left-hand nav, go to SettingsResource Management. account-settings-resource-recommendations.png
  2. Choose Edit for Resource Recommendationssettings-resource-recommendations-edit.png
  3. Toggle On and then click Save. settings-resource-recommendations-toggle-on.png

How to Set Access Group Permissions

  1. Select Edit next to Criteria Weighting and Match Requirements to set them at the account level. These can also be adjusted on a project-by-project basis through Team Builder in Master Planning.settings-resource-management-resource-recommendations.png
  2. If you want to see more than three recommendations, select Edit for Number of Recommendations to Display, and select a number between one and 15. settings-resource-management-recommendations-to-display.png
  3. Hover over Settings in the left-hand nav bar and select Access Groups.Access-Groups-Left-Nav.png
  4. Select the group for whom you want to be able to see recommendations.
  5. Click Edit next to Resource Management. access-groups-set-resource-management.png
  6. Check the box for View Resource Recommendations. access-group-set-view-resource-recommendations-no-orgs.png

If Organizations are enabled, members can view recommendations for All Projects Accessible to their Organization. access-group-set-view-resource-recommendations.png

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