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Xero: Create Mappings

Getting Started

The first step to integrating your Xero services with Mavenlink is to create your mappings.


How to Create Mappings

  1. Log in to M-Bridge.
  2. Navigate to Xero > Settings.Xero.pngThe Scenarios screen displays.
  3. Click Mappings and select Xero Users to define the User mappings first.XeroMappings.png The Xero User Mapping screen displays.
  4. Create Mapping Sets.
    • To create a new mapping set, click New Mapping Set.
      Note: You can create as many mapping sets as needed.XeroMappingSet.png
    • Enter a name for your Mapping Set. We recommend a name that is memorable or that relates directly to the scenario you’re creating.
      In this example, a Mapping Set for a Xero User Mapping is named Product.MappingSetFields.png
    • Select your Service. In this example, we have selected Global Xero.
    • Select your Organization. In this example, we have selected 73459.
    • Map values between Mavenlink and Xero.
      Note: The drop-down options for mapping values change based on the service and organization you select.
      In this example, the following values in each system are mapped to each other:
    • To add mappings, click Adding Mapping Pair.
    • To delete mappings, click the remove button.RemovePair.png
    • When finished, click Submit.Submit.png
    • The first Mapping Set created for a Mapping becomes the default.
      To change the default Mapping Set, click Make Default next to a different set.MakeDefault.png
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for any other User Mappings you need.
  6. Define Account Mappings next. Repeat steps 3 and 4, but select Xero Account in Step 3 instead.

Update Scenarios

If you create new mappings for an existing service, make sure you update the relevant scenarios to use those new mappings.


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