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Xero: Create a new M-Bridge Service


This article guides you through connecting your Mavenlink and Xero accounts. Please perform the following step-by-step instructions in order, from first to last.


Getting Started

Local Xero services are no longer required for integration.

Info: Your Services is a section for local services. Account Services is for global services.

We recommend you delete any local Xero services on your account:

  1. Log in to M-Bridge.
    Note: You must log in as a user with Account Administrator permissions.
  2. In the navigation bar at the top of the page, navigate to Account > Services.MBridgeServices.png
  3. Go to the Your Services section.
  4. Delete Xero services in only this section.NSDeleteLocalServices.png



How to Create a Xero App

Before you can create an M-Bridge Service, you must first create an app in Xero and collect authorization credentials.

  1. Log in to My Apps on Xero's Developer site.xeromyapps.png
  2. Click New app. The Add a New App form modal displays.
  3. Fill out the form. There are 4 required fields:
    • App name — Title of the app.
    • Company or application URL — The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) tells you where to find the requestor, which is the M-Bridge website in this case. Enter the value in the field.
    • OAuth 2.0 redirect URI — The Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) tells you who the requestor of the authorization is, who is M-Bridge in this case. The redirect URI sends you back to M-Bridge with authorization to Xero. Enter the value in the field.
    • Terms & Conditions — Check the box to agree to the Xero Developer Platform Terms & Conditions.XeroAddApp.png
  4. Click Create app.
    The Details page for your new app displays.
  5. Under the OAuth 2.0 credentials section, copy the Client ID and save it to a secure file and location. You will use this in the How to Create an M-Bridge Service step-by-step.GenerateSecret.png
  6. Click Generate a secret.
  7. Copy the Client Secret and save to the same file as the Client ID.OAuth2Credentials.png
    Note: This is the only time a Client Secret is displayed. Once you navigate away from this page, the Client Secret is no longer visible. If you do not save or if you lose the Client Secret, you will have to generate a new Secret. Xero allows you to keep up to 2 Client Secrets at a time. After that, you will have to delete an existing Secret in order to generate a new one.
  8. Click Save.



How to Create an M-Bridge Service

      1. Return to M-Bridge.
        Note: You must be logged in as a user with Account Administrator permissions.
      2. Navigate to Account > Services again.MBridgeServices.png
      3. The Services page displays. Under the Add Service drop-down, select Xero.Xero.png
      4. The Add Service page displays. There are 3 required fields to fill out:
        • Name - Title of the service
        • Client ID - Copied and saved from Xero
        • Client Secret - Copied and saved from XeroCreateXeroService.png
          Note: Make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces before or after the Client ID and Client Secret.
      5. Check the Global for Account? box.
      6. Click the green Create button to create and save your service.
        The Xero User Account Authorization page displays.
      7. Click Allow Access to grant Mavenlink permission to access your Xero user account. XeroUserAccess.png The Xero Organization Authorization page displays.
      8. Select a Xero organization to grant Mavenlink access to, and click Connect.XeroOrgAuthTest.png The M-Bridge Services page displays again.
        Your new Xero service displays under Account Services, the section for global services.ServicesPage.png  For each service, there are 3 buttons on the far right that allow you to:
        • Edit the Name, Token ID or Token Secret. Account ID cannot be edited.
        • Test whether the service is set up correctly.
        • Delete the service.
          Note: This is irreversible.
      9. Navigate to the Account Services section.
      10. Click Edit next to your new Xero service.
      11. Click Save.SaveService.png
      12. Repeat steps 7 through 11 until access to all needed Xero organizations has been granted.multi-orgauth.gif After Mavenlink has been granted access to all necessary Xero organizations, you should be back at the M-Bridge Services page.



How to Test your new M-Bridge Service

    1. Navigate to the Account Services section.
    2. Click Test next to your new Xero service to confirm the connection is working properly.XeroTestServices.png
      • If the test is successful, a success message displays.Test-Success.png
      • If the test is unsuccessful, edit the scenario and confirm the entered credentials are correct. You may have to generate a new Client Secret in Xero if the Secret was copied incorrectly, and then delete and recreate the service.


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