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Insights Classic: Scorecards Dashboard



The Scorecards dashboard is perfect for collaborators and project managers as it is focused on delivering timely data on time entries, tasks, and projects.

The standard Scorecard dashboard tabs are, in order from most to least used:

User Time Entry Scorecard

The User Time Entry Scorecard tab is best used for reviewing where all of your hours went, and what your billable utilization was in a given week. At a glance, you can see your top five most active projects, if more projects are billable or non-billable in any given week, and how you or your employees spent time across projects. insights-scorecards-user-time-entry.png

Project Manager Scorecard

If you are a project manager, the Project Manager Scorecard tab gives you get a high level view of what projects are starting, how many projects are due, and how many are complete. It is similar to the Project Health and Project Detail dashboards, however it does not include financial information.


The table has an independent date picker, letting you look forward and backward to see what projects are on track, and which may be falling behind. The table also shows the status of projects based on the three different percent complete methods:

  • Hours are calculated using percent complete based on actual vs estimated hours.
  • Budget are calculated using percent complete based on actual vs estimated fees.
  • Task is calculated using percent complete based on the average of the % complete of each task.

User Task Scorecard

The User Task Scorecard tab provides a high level view of employee performance with their tasks. Quickly see how many tasks are overdue and how many are due in the next seven days. It also shows total tasks by status, making it easy to get a sense of how much work remains in a given time period.

The reports in this tab are helpful to determine what tasks employees need to prioritize, and the amount of time expected for each task. You can share this with your employees so they can use the Task List tables to get a clear view of where they need to be spending their time.



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