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Cloning an Insights Dashboard



One way to get more out of Insights is to clone a standard dashboard. It makes a copy of its tabs and corresponding reports, allowing them to be customized to better suit your business. The standard dashboard stays the same, meaning that any changes made to the clone only impact the clone.

How to Clone a Standard Dashboard

  1. From the left-hand nav, go to Settings > InsightsInsights-Settings-Nav.png
  2. Click the Clone (“ ”) icon next to the dashboard you want to copy.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Custom list, and find your newly cloned dashboard, which is the name of the original dashboard followed by "Clone."insights-settings-dashboard-clone.png
  4. Give it a new, relevant name, and then click the Navigate to Report (“ ”) button.

To make changes, such as reorder tabs, add or remove tabs, or add and remove reports, see our article on customizing a cloned Insights dashboard.

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