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Insights Classic: Resourcing Dashboard



The Resourcing dashboard is designed to provide visibility into what resources are available to take on additional work and when. Knowing resource availability can be useful to see when you need to ramp up or redistribute your workforce.

While it is similar to the Staffing & Capacity dashboard, Resourcing includes scheduled hours as an availability metric but not unnamed resources.

The standard Resourcing dashboard tabs are, in order from most to least used:

Billable Capacity Forecast

The Billable Capacity Forecasting tab contains reports that compare allocated and scheduled hours to a resource's billable target. These reports are useful to see if the team is hitting its billable goals. insights-resources-billable-capacity.png



Note that the percentages are not percent overall but percent-to-target. This means that if a resource has an 85% target, and is allocated for 85%, you will see 100% to target.

Daily Schedule

The Daily Schedule tab contains reports that show scheduled hours by day and by role. The By Week (Scheduled Hours) graph shows you where resources are spending their time every week.insights-resourcing-daily-schedule-by-week.png

It is broken down into the following categories: 

  • Billable—The hours scheduled where Tasks are defined as billable.
  • Productive—The difference between all non-billable hours and ‘non-productive’ hours (PTO, Admin, Internal).
  • Admin/Internal—The hours that are scheduled on any project with the characters [PTO], [Admin] or [Internal] at the beginning or end of the Project Name, the Group, or the Project Description.
  • PTO—The scheduled hours on any project with the characters [PTO] at the beginning or end of the Project Name, the Group, or the Project Description.
  • Remaining Availability—The difference between pure workweek calendar hours and scheduled (formerly called 'by week').

The By Role (Scheduled Hours) table gives you both a role and employee breakdown of hours. insights-resourcing-daily-schedule-by-role.png

Selecting an employee opens a modal that shows you what projects the employee is working on for the given time frame. insights-resourcing-employee-drill-in.png

Weekly Availability

The Availability (Allocated + Scheduled Hours Method) tab shows you availability. It is calculated as follows: insights-resourcing-allocated-and-scheduled-hours-equation.svg

Note that scheduled hours are considered hard allocated, or locked in and unlikely to change, while allocated hours are considered to be soft allocations, or originally planned and likely to change. insights-resources-weekly-availability.png


The By Role Summary table shows you total hours by role so you get a sense of roles that can handle more work and ones that might be approaching burnout. The By Week graph shows you a breakdown of scheduled, allocated, and remaining hours so you can see what resources are already committed for future projects while the By Role table provides a breakdown of roles by users.

Total Monthly Availability

The Total Monthly Availability tab is just as it sounds: all hours and total capacity by month. You can quickly see what resources are at or below capacity based on their workweek, either by Role or employee. insights-resourcing-total-monthly-availability.png

Daily Allocation

Reports in the Daily Allocation tab are like those in the Daily Schedule tab with one important difference: they look at allocated hours from Resource Center instead of scheduled hours. insights-resourcing-daily-allocation.png

Staffing and Resourcing Request

The Staffing and Resourcing Request tab is especially useful for those charged with staffing projects. It is divided into Resource Pool and Resource Request. Each has its own set of filters so you can see resources with a particular skill or role, and what projects need resources. insights-resourcing-staffing.png

Selecting a project from the Remaining Estimated Hours to Schedule table lets you drill in and see the status of tasks on that project, as well as how many hours are left. insights-resourcing-remain-estimate-schedule-drill-in.png

Extended Roll-Off

The Extended Roll-off [Scheduled Hours] tab tells you when resources will be rolling off, or completing their projects so you can see who will be available for more work and when. insights-resourcing-extended-roll-off.png

Exceptions and Audit

The best way to compare scheduled hours to allocated hours is by using the reports in the Exceptions & Audit tab. It shows Project and Role, and the variance between schedule and allocated hours. At a glance, you can see roles that are over, under, or on target. insights-resourcing-exceptions.png

Current Roll-off/Unscheduled

When you need to fill a role in a pinch or need extra help to finish a project, the Current Roll-off / [Scheduled Hours] tab is perfect. At a glance, you can see who is going to be available and when. The calendar view provides a daily look at how many resources have unscheduled time. insights-resources-current-roll-off.png

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