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Insights Classic: [Legacy] Fees Dashboard



If you are looking for the new Insights Fees dashboard that includes improved fixed fee reporting, and multi-currency reporting, go here.


The legacy Fees dashboard helps you understand where your revenue is coming from. It shows you actual fees on projects, whether Time and Material or Fixed Fee projects, and provides both a historical and projected view of scheduled or allocated fees.

Fees are calculated as: This is the Insights Fees equation!

The standard legacy Fees dashboard tabs are, in order from most to least used:

Actual, Scheduled, and Allocated

The Actual, Scheduled, and Allocated tab provides a high-level view of billables rolled up to the account level, giving you a historical as well as a projected view. Note that this tab only shows Allocated Fees when the task default setting on a project is billable. 


The By Project Top Ten (Sorted by Billable Fees) graph shows you the top ten projects by fees, in relation to scheduled and allocated fees, and to task budgets.


By Resource and Role

The Fees by Resource and Role shows what roles and what resources are your top earners, and where they are in terms of actual fees and allocated fees for a given time period. The top-earning roles may not be the same as the top-earning resources because By Role Top Ten collectively looks at everyone with that role while By Resource Top Ten only looks at individuals.


Use the By Resources by Week table to see a breakdown of weekly hours in terms of Actual, Scheduled, and Allocated hours. Selecting the name of a resource opens a modal that shows you a project breakdown of Actual and Scheduled fees for that resource.


WIP and A/R

The Work in Progress and Accounts Receivable tab gives you a birds-eye view of projects that remain uninvoiced and for how long, and which have been paid. It also shows you the value of invoiced work over 30, 60, 90, and more than 90 days.

Note that Aged T&M WIP accounts for time and material work while Aged Receivables looks at invoiced time and material, fixed fee, and additional items added to an invoice, such as a service charge.

insights-fees-wip-ar.pngThe T&M WIP + Total A/R Details table provides a project-by-project financial breakdown of T&M Totals, T&M WIP, including what has been billed but not paid, and what has been invoiced but not paid.insights-fees-tm-wip-total-ar-table.png

Fixed Fee

If you have projects with fixed fee tasks, or run a strictly fixed fee business, the Fixed Fee tab is your go-to for task budget statuses and invoices. See what has been completed, what has been invoiced, and what tasks remain open.

The dates for Completed Task Budgets, Open Task Budgets, and Fixed Fee Invoices by Created Date tables are independent, meaning you can change the date range for one without impacting the other two. This is useful for calculating your revenue recognition. insights-fees-fixed-fee.png

Use the Fixed Fee Tasks: Budgets, Invoiced table to get a break down of budgets, invoices, and fees for each task on a project. insights-fees-fixed-fee-tasks-table.png


By Project Status

With the Budget and Fees by Project Status tab, you get just what it says: reports on the status of your projects.


The Project Status Budget graph gives you an overview of all your projects while the Project by Status table provides a breakdown of each project in terms of budget, fees, and hours. 


By Weighted Milestone

The Fees by Weighted Milestone tab is useful if you have projects where payment is tied directly to reaching specific milestones over the lifecycle of the project. The reports here show you both the actual and projected value and the cost of completed milestones. Note that the date range for the By Month - Actual graph is independent of the date range for the By Month - Projected graph so adjusting one doesn't impact the other.insights-fees-weighted-milestones-by-month.png

Use the All Milestones table to see data, such as due dates, completed dates, budget, for every milestone. insights-fees-weighted-milestone-all-milestones.png

The Weighted Values Rolled to Parent Tasks by Project table breaks down financial data of tasks and subtasks per project. insights-fees-weighted-milestones-values-rolled-parent-tasks.png


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