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Insights Classic: Project Detail Dashboard



See the status of every Task and deliverable on a Project with the standard Project Details dashboard. It also gives you a good look at burn rates, what’s started, what hasn’t started, and what has been completed.

Filters work from left to right, meaning that if you filter by a Group/Client, the other filters automatically adjust for information related to it. Filters are also persistent across tabs, meaning that filtering in the Financials tab carries through to the other tabs. However, you can change the filters to get the information you want. 

The standard Project Details dashboard tabs are, in order from most to least used:

Budgets vs. Actual

The Budgets vs. Actual tab contains reports with detailed analysis of project budgets versus actual fees and cost of those projects. It works for both Fixed Fee and Time & Materials projects and provides other relevant financial information such as fee consumption, cost accumulation, and completion estimates.  insights-project-detail-budgets-actuals.png


The Burndown tab contains reports that you can filter by a specific Group or Project to get a detailed look at Actual Hours, Allocated, and Scheduled hours by both user and task over the project lifecycle, in one view. insights-project-detail-burndown.png

Open Tasks

Reports in the Open Tasks tab show what tasks a Project or a User has left to complete on a given date. It also provides visibility into due dates, and how many users are assigned to a task. insights-project-detail-open-tasks.png


Selecting a Task from the Task Open: Past Due and Future Outstanding table shows you a break down of hours by users assigned to that task. project-detail-open-task-past-due-table.png

Assignments by Week

Reports in the Assignments by Week tab show the scheduled hours each user is assigned for each task on a project, as well as what is billable and non-billable. project-detail-assignments-by-week.png


Reports in the Financials tab make it easy to see a breakdown of Time & Materials and Fixed Fee information. At a glance, you get a good idea what your burn is from each angle.

Note that if you only have Fixed Fee or Time & Materials Tasks, you may see areas called No Dataproject-detail-financials-also-no-data.png

Hours % Complete

Reports in the Project Hours Percent Complete tab, shown as Hours % Complete, gives you both a detailed view and a summary of hours worked. These reports can be helpful to find the data you need if your organization uses percent complete as a revenue recognition model. project-detail-hours-percent-complete.png

Selecting a Project from the By Project: Estimate at Complete table gives you a task-by-task breakdown of actual hours and estimated hours at complete. This helps you see what tasks took longer than expected, what ones were right on schedule, and ones that took less time than expected. This gives you a good sense of how far you are on a particular project.

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