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NetSuite Integration: Additional Field Syncing


This feature lets you extend your NetSuite integration to share additional business-critical information between NetSuite and Mavenlink.

Additional Fields can sync to or from Mavenlink standard or custom fields to NetSuite standard or custom fields for certain scenarios. integrations-netsuite-additional-fields.png

You can configure them in the Additional Fields section of the following NetSuite scenarios:


Mavenlink Direction NetSuite
Projects NetSuite Job 
Users NetSuite Employees
Expenses NetSuite Expense Reports
Tasks NetSuite Project Tasks
Invoices NetSuite Invoices


Additional Field Mapping Best Practices

There are several things to keep in mind when setting up additional field syncing:

  • NetSuite fields are represented by Field ID, which can be found by clicking on the field name if you have Show Internal IDs enabled under Set Preferences in NetSuite.
  • You must map fields of a compatible type:
    • Mavenlink date fields map to NetSuite date fields.
    • Mavenlink number fields map to NetSuite Integer Number fields.
    • Mavenlink text fields map to NetSuite Free-Form Text or Text Area fields.
    • Mavenlink currency fields map to NetSuite currency or decimal number fields.
    • Mavenlink choice fields map to NetSuite List/Record fields. The values must match exactly.
    • Mavenlink multi-choice fields map to NetSuite Multiple Select fields. The values must match exactly.

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