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Insights Classic: Staffing & Capacity Dashboard



The standard Staffing & Capacity dashboard goes hand-in-hand with Resource Center and helps determine allocations. At a glance, you can see both hard and soft allocations and unstaffed demand.

This dashboard and its corresponding tabs can help you figure out how best to allocate ideal resources to projects in Resource Center.

The standard Staffing & Capacity dashboard tabs are, in order from most to least used:


The Capacity tab provides an overview of how busy your company is, a quick look into hard and soft allocations, and where unstaffed demand remains. It shows you how much demand there is per project, and what roles are consistently over-allocated.  insights-staffing-capacity-dashboard.png


Reports in the Allocations tab give you a list of projects a user is scheduled to work on over a specified time period. Managers can easily filter to see what their team is working on during any given week. staffing-capacity-allocations.png

The Allocations by Week table acts as a heat map so you can quickly see who has too much on their plate, and who has too little.

Staffing Breakdown

The Staffing Breakdown tab provides visibility into how much availability your resources have and where there is a demand that they can meet. The Staffing Breakdown by Week report shows resource availability vs. unstaffed demand while the Unstaffed Demand report shows you what roles need to be filled.  time-and-expense-admin-staffing-breakdown.png

Capacity Scenario

The Capacity Scenario tab lets you run through complex scenarios to determine how they affect capacity. Use the filters to explore various scenarios for projects, such as what changes when you move resources around. time-and-expense-admin-capacity-scenario.png

User Availability

The reports in the User Availability provide a granular, week-by-week look at user availability both by user and by role. The darker the bar, the more work that person can take on, making it immediately clear who is free, who is at capacity, and who is overcapacity. staffing-capacity-user-availability.png

Selecting an employee name filters for that person and takes you directly to the Allocations tab to see what project that person is assigned.

Staffing Timeline

The Staffing Timeline tab provides a granular, week-by-week look at both where your demand lies, and who is available to fill it. staffing-capacity-staffing-timeline.png

The Unstaffed Demand table shows your staffing needs across projects while the Potential Resources table shows you the availability of employees who can staff empty roles on projects.

Role Availability

The Role Availability tab shows the availability of each role, both as an overall summary and a weekly basis. time-and-expense-admin-role-availability.png

Availability is based on workweek capacity, or hours allocated. So, for example, if the users of a role have a 40-hour workweek, and they have been allocated 30 hours, then they have 10 hours or 25% availability. 

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