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Insights Classic: Project Health Dashboard



The standard Project Health dashboard provides a comprehensive view of any project’s health. Anyone with access to it can easily see the revenue, schedule, resourcing, budget, cost, task management, task performance, and project time for all projects, down to a single project.  

The standard Project Health dashboard tabs are, in order from most to least used:

Project Health Risk Metrics

There are some specific risk metrics to help you measure your project risk in terms of Pace, Execution, and Resource Health. Each is an aggregated representation of a series of data points that give you a holistic picture while letting you drill down into the details to identify the problem. pace-execute-resource.png

Pace Metric

A project’s Pace shows you whether your projects are on track by looking at the number of tasks completed relative to the number of tasks that should be completed as of today.

It is calculated using this formula:

Generally, if the value is greater than or equal to 1, you will see green squares. Green means that tasks are getting done on time, and the project is progressing smoothly. When the value falls below 1, the squares will fill in, and the colors change from green to red, providing a barometer of risk.

Selecting Pace for a Project opens a modal dialog that contains specific information related to which tasks are at risk. pace-detail-modal.png

Execution Metric

A project’s Execution level helps you identify what projects are at risk due to several metrics at the Task level, including tasks that are past due and hours logged against tasks without due dates. 

It is calculated using this formula:


Generally, if the value is 0 you will see green squares. Green means tasks have due dates, are starting and ending on time, and the project overall is progressing smoothly. When the value begins to rise above 0, the squares will fill in, and the colors change from green to red, providing a barometer of risk.

Selecting Execution for a Project takes you directly to the Execution tab, where the table offers more specific information about which tasks are at risk. insights-project-health-task-execution-metric.png

Resource Health Metric

Resource Health helps identify which resources are stretched thin, such ones that are working past scheduled due dates, surpassing scheduled hours, or are working more hours than originally estimated. 

It is calculated using this formula: insights-project-health-resource-metric-equation.svg

Note that user burnout is likely when Actual Hours exceeds 120%.

Generally, if the value is 0, you will see green squares. Green means your employees are working at an appropriate level, and work is distributed evenly across your company. When the value starts to increase, the squares will fill in, and the colors change from green to red, providing a barometer of risk.

Selecting Resources for a Project takes you directly to the Resources tab where the table offers more specific information on what resources are at risk. project-health-resource-metric.png

Portfolio Scoreboard

The Portfolio Scoreboard is one of the most popular tabs in the Project Health dashboard, especially with executives and leadership teams because it provides an aggregated, high-level view of project health. Quickly see what factors are the most significant contributors to poor project health so you can identify areas that need to be addressed. insights-project-health-scoreboard.png

The Scoreboard table is your driver. It is color-coded, so you can see not only what projects need attention, but where.

Select anything that shows an underline when you mouse over it to see more specific details. For example, selecting a percent from the % Margin column for a Project takes you to the Estimated Revenue tab that automatically filters for that project. Selecting Resources for a project takes you to the Resources tab where you can see what resources are over-or-under utilized.

Using the Scoreboard table as your starting point makes it easy to get to the information you want for the project you need.

Project Health

The reports in the Project Health tab are perfect for sharing with executives and leadership. The reports provide a comprehensive view of a single project’s overall health and financials. At a glance, you can see several important metrics, such as actual hours compared to scheduled and estimated hours, the cost to date, Estimate at Completion data, and the status of tasks, deliverables, milestones, and issues. insights-project-health-tab.png

Estimated Revenue

The Estimated Revenue tab shows revenue based on whether the project is fixed fee or time and materials-based. You can see a revenue breakdown by user, how costs compare to fees, and anticipated costs based on what is scheduled. insights-project-health-estimated-revenue-tab.png

The equation used to calculate fixed fee revenue is: fixed-fee-equation.svg

where % Complete Based on Cost is the percent total of Estimate at Completion (EAC) cost that incurred to date.

The equation used to determine time and materials revenue is: time-materials-revenue-equation.svg

If you want to see Estimated Revenue for another project, select it from the Project dropdown menu.

Time Submitted

The Time Submitted tab functions as a time audit report for a project. At a glance, you can see who has logged time and if it is billable. insights-project-health-time-submitted.png

 You can also see if time entries are submitted on time. Knowing this is beneficial if you want to get an accurate picture of current project profitability. 

Task Actions

The Task Actions tab provides an organized, detailed view of how your tasks are doing. Quickly see a sum of project tasks, including how many total hours were estimated, scheduled, and spent. The reports also show you what the project’s budget is and what is remaining based on the amount of time spent so far. insights-project-health-task-actions.png

Summary Status

The Summary Status tab is popular as you can send it to clients on a project-by-project basis. It provides a summary without financial information. insights-project-health-summary-status.png

Clients can see how the project is doing overall, as well as what tasks are complete, which ones are in progress, and any issues that have popped up.

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