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Insights Classic: Time and Expense Admin Dashboard



The standard Time and Expense Admin dashboard allows you to view your time and expenses in several ways. You can see who is tracking time on each project, individual expenses reported within your organization, and who hasn’t logged time. 

The standard Time and Expense Admin dashboard tabs are, in order from most to least used:

Time Audit Summary

This tab provides an overview of time and breaks it down by person and period to analyze time entry submissions and approval, based on the date range you choose. It is also a good way to quickly see the number of missing timesheets and the number of incomplete timesheets. time-and-expense-missing-timesheets.png

Clicking on the number of missing timesheets shows a modal with a list of Users who have not submitted any timesheets for a specified period of time. time-expense-missing-time-sheets-modal.png

Knowing who has and has not submitted time can be useful when doing month-end, or when wrapping up projects and need to account for all time logged.

Another useful aspect of the Time Audit Summary tab is the By User table. It has a column for Variance and one for Unlogged time. Unlogged time only looks at what hours are missing while Variance considers all the hours. Sometimes, these numbers are not the same. For example, if an employee is scheduled to work 32 hours a week, and logs 40, then Unlogged is empty as the hour quota has been met. Variance, however, is 8 since the number of hours logged is eight hours over the scheduled workweek. time-expense-by-user-variance-unlogged.png

You can select a User from the By User table to see the projects where they have recorded time, and if there is time logged that is still pending approval.  time-expense-time-audit-summary-user.png


Time Audit Detail

The Time Audit Detail tab provides a summary of time by person and period, making it easy to analyze time entry submissions and approvals. It shows you the day users logged time against vs. the day they entered the time so you can see who logs time the day of, a week later, or longer. time-and-expense-admin-time-audit-detail.png

The Time Audit Detail by Week and Day table shows you a breakdown who has logged time to projects in a week, as well as how many hours were logged each day. time-and-expense-admin-audit-detail-by-week.png


Time Approvals by Project

While similar to the Time Audit Summary tab, it is project-focused and shows a breakdown of the time approval process. It is easy to see which projects have outstanding unsubmitted or rejected timesheets. insights-time-and-expense-time-approvals-by-project.png

Selecting a Project from the table automatically filters by only that project.


Time Entry Log

Based on a user's time submission date, this report shows time entry and expense details. Any notes included with time entry will also appear. If you see (empty value), it means there is no information to include. insights-time-and-expense-admin-time-entry-log-notes.png


Expense Summary

The Expense Summary tab provides a summary of all expenses logged against the account, including what expenses need approval, and which ones have been approved. Use the filters to narrow down the data further, such as only expenses that require approval, or require approval and are reimbursable. insights-time-and-expense-expense-summary.png


Expenses Log

This tab is similar to the Time Entry Log tab, only it relates specifically to expenses. You get a detailed view by the submission date of expenses with notes attached. Reports in this tab also make it easy to see if the expense is billable and if it has been approved. time-expense-admin-exspenses-with-notes.png


Unlogged Time by Week

The Unlogged Time by Week tab is a quick way to see the number of missing or incomplete timesheets in a given week. insights-time-expense-admin-unlogged-hours.png

It also shows you who hasn’t logged time in a given week or has incomplete timesheets.


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