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Multiple Xero Services

Available in: EnterprisePremier+ Xero Integration

Update Note

On August 12, 2019, our integration with Xero was updated to support multiple Xero services. If you've been using the integration prior to this date, it will continue to operate as before. If you do not want to use this new capability, no change is needed on your part.


Mavenlink M-Bridge supports multiple Xero services for Xero organizations that reside within the same Xero account. 

To use this functionality:

  1. First, create a global Xero service for each of your Xero organizations under the Account Service section of the M-Bridge Services page. xero-account-services.png
  2. Next, define the User data mappings for each newly created Xero service.
    Note: Mappings are specific to a Xero service so that only applicable valid values are used in the mapping. xero-mapping-set-user.png
  3. Then, define the Account data mappings for each newly created service. xero-mapping-set-account.png
  4. Now you can define your scenario for each Xero organization. In the scenario, select the appropriate Xero service that corresponds to the Xero organization and its related mapping sets. xero-new-scenario.png
  5. Enable Filter by Project to add Project Filters within a scenario. This lets you determine what items are sent to the specified Xero organization. Any field in Mavenlink can be added as a filter, and the necessary query parameters for them are listed in Mavenilnk's API documentation. If you are adding more than one, separate them using an ampersand (“&”). xero-scenario-project-filters-on.png

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