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Configure an Access Group Set



Changes to Access Groups settings, including the addition and removal of account members, are not currently recorded in the Audit Log.

How to Configure an Access Group Set

  1. Hover over Settings in the left-hand nav bar and select Access Groups.Access-Groups-Left-Nav.png
  2. On the Access Groups page, click on the name of the access group whose permissions you want to edit
    - or -
    Select Edit Access Group from the More  icon under the Actions column header.Clone_Access_Group_drop-down.png
  3. The Access Group Sets are the ivory-colored boxes that appear below the main access group summary details.
  4. Click Edit on the right of the Access Group Set for which you want to configure access settings.Edit-Time-Tracking-Access-Group-Set.pngNote: Each Access Group Set has different activities and access-related settings that you can configure. For details on the privileges included with each set, please refer to our list of currently available access group sets.

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