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Enabling Resource Requests and Defining Approvers

Available in: Enterprise and Premier


Enable Resource Requests and Add Approvers through Resource Management

  1. Go to Settings Resource Management. resource-requests-settings-resource-management.png
  2. Choose Edit. settings-resource-management-edit.png
  3. Toggle On, and use the search box to select your Approvers. settings-resource-settings-enable-access-groups.png
  4. When you are finished, click Save.


Add Approvers through Settings > Members

  1. Go to Settings Membersresource-requests-settings-members.png
  2. Search for the name or names of those you want to approve requests. resource-request-search-member.png
  3. Open their side panel.
  4. In the Permissions section, check the Resource Request Approver box. resource-request-member-select-approver.png

Any member marked as an Approver will be available from the Approver drop-down menu in the Resource side panel.



Note that if Access Groups are enabled, you can mange who can submit resource requests through the Resource Management Access access group set.


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