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Resource Management Settings


Using Resource Requests allows you to create repeatable staffing processes within your organization by establishing a specific list of approvers and requiring users to submit requests for unnamed resources. An Approver can be any account member with Report Viewer permissions or higher.

settings-resource-management.png Before you start using Resource Requests, we suggest you do two things: turn on Access Groups to give you maximum flexibility and control over security and access for both members and features, and add Resource Custom Fields to use with resources to both classify your resource demand and follow your existing business processes. settings-resource-settings-enable-access-groups.png

You can also add existing User Custom Fields to resources, or create new ones and make them available to resources. Note that fields made available to Resources do not follow standard User Custom Field permissions but are instead dependent on the permissions in Master Planning. In other words, if you can view the resource, you can view all the custom fields. If you can edit, then you can edit the custom fields. settings-resource-settings-add-resource-custom-fields.png

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