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Resource Management Settings

Default Account Permissions: Account Administrator


On the Resource Management Settings page, you can enable and make adjustments to Resource Requests and Resource Recommendations.

NOTE: By default, only Account Administrators can perform specific actions and access certain resource management features. To allow account members to submit Resource Requests and see Resource Recommendations, you can configure their permissions in the Resource Management Access Group.

Resource Requests

When you enable Resource Requests, you will require account members to submit resource requests for approval instead of allowing just anyone to staff a person on an unnamed resource. You can designate which account members can be Resource Request Approvers. These Approvers can make assignments without approval and approve any requests submitted to them.

Resource Recommendations

Enabling Resource Recommendations allows you to access Team Builder in Resource Center. Within Team Builder and the Resource side panel, you can also see the top recommended resources for a role, as well as details on how well the resources match specific requirements.

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