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Configuring Resource Custom Fields



Custom Fields for Resources allow you to use existing User Custom Field sets to classify your resource demand. Fields such as location, employee status, and internal client codes can be valuable for matching resource supply and demand. You can add to an existing User Custom Field set or create a specific set for Resource Requests.

How to Create User Set Custom Fields for Resource Requests

  1. In the left navigation, hover over Settings ,then select Custom Fields.
  2. If you don’t have a User Custom Field Set, you need to create one by choosing Add Custom Field Set, and selecting User.user_field_type_set.png
  3. Give it a clear, meaningful name.
  4. Click Add and the name appears under User Setssettings-custom-fields-user-sets.png
  5. To add fields, click the name, and then the Add Custom Field button. settings-custom-fields-add-field.png
  6. Select the field type you want to add, give it a meaningful name, and set appropriate Read and Write Permissions. By default, User Custom Fields are viewable and editable by Account Administrators. While these permissions apply to users, if the Available to Resources box is checked, then the field is dependent on a user's permissions in Resource Center.settings-custom-fields-add-new-field.png
  7. When finished, click Add to create the field. settings-custom-fields-new-field-finish.png
  8. To make it available to Resources, check the box. When making a request, the field appears under Custom Fields in the Resource side panel. You can also hide any custom field from view.settings-custom-fields-available-to-resources-hide.png

Remember that fields with the Available to Resources box checked do not follow standard User Custom Field permissions but are instead dependent on user permissions in Resource Center. In other words, if you can view the resource, you can view all the custom fields. If you can edit, then you can edit the custom fields. 

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