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Analytics: Work in Progress (WIP)

Access Groups: Analytics Reports
Default Account Permissions: Account Administrator, Report Viewer with Cost, or Report Viewer


Summary: See the breakdown of billable time available for invoicing and the total un-invoiced billable time for all active projects. You can also see the rate at which hours (allocated to a project) are being used.

The Work in Progress (WIP) analysis report provides a high-level overview of all projects, the time currently invested in each project, and their current rate of burn.

This can help you identify when a project is approaching “the red” as early as possible, where work is going out of scope, or where efficiencies are being lost. For instance, this report can help you pinpoint where to streamline your focus or reassess the amount of work required to complete a project.

Clicking on the name of a project opens the Project Details performance analytics report, which provides more in-depth project information.


You can filter the WIP report in the following ways:

  • Date Range—Use the from and to fields to specify a start and end date between which data is retrieved for the report. Most Analytics reports require that you specify a date range in order to generate a report.
  • Organizations—When enabled, Organizations can limit visibility or categorize project data in standard Analytics reports, so you can see how specific departments or regions are performing. Simply choose an available Department and/or Geography to include them in the report. For more information, see our Organizations in Analytics Reports article.
  • Group (Client Name)—Only projects with the Project Group you specify are included in the report. As you start typing the group name, a drop-down will populate with a list of relevant selections. Leave this field blank to include all projects in the report.
  • Provider (Provider Team Lead)—Only projects that have the provider Team Lead you specify are included in the report.
  • Customer (Client Team Lead)—Only projects that have the client Team Lead you specify are included in the report.

How to Generate the Report

It is recommended that you double-check the selected report filters (above) before generating or exporting the report.

  • Generate Report—Click this button to generate the report using the selected criteria. After a few seconds, the report results will appear below the filters in the Mavenlink interface. You can then "save" the report by exporting it as an XLS or CSV file.Generate-Report.png
  • Reset Report—Clears the selected filter criteria and resets the report to its empty, default state.
  • Export Report—Report data (filtered by your selection criteria) is automatically exported to an XLS (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet) or CSV (Comma Separated Values) file and saved to the default folder for downloaded files on your computer.


How to Read this Report

A generated Analytics report is typically divided into sections containing charts and tables; often, a report header containing summary information, followed by details that make up the body of the report. Depending on the combination of selected filters and attributes, each report can be broken down (i.e., sliced and diced) to surface specific trends or interesting patterns.

Here's how to read what appears in a generated WIP report:


Report Header

  • Total WIP—The sum of all uninvoiced, actual fees for time and materials (T&M) tasks included in the report. Fixed fee tasks and previously invoiced fees are not included in this report.
  • Total Projects—The total number of projects included in the report.

Report Table

  • Project—This column contains all invoiced project(s) included in the report by name. Click on the name of a project to open the Project Details performance analytics report for more information. Please note that clicking on the project name causes you to leave the WIP Analytics report; it will be reset to its default state upon return.
  • Provider (Provider Team Lead)—The name of Team Lead on the Provider side of the project. 
  • Customer (Client Team Lead)—The name of Team Lead on the Client side of the project. 
  • Billable—The total amount of uninvoiced, billable time on tasks designated as time and materials (T&M) in the project.
  • Actual Fees / Budget—The total amount for uninvoiced, actual fees on tasks designated as time and materials (T&M) in the project. The colored bar compares fees to the project budget, illustrating the current rate of burn.

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