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Multiple Jira Account Support


M-Bridge supports integrating your Mavenlink account to more than one Jira account. Each Mavenlink project can be synced to a Jira project/board in a different Jira account.

Note: A Mavenlink project can not be synced to more than one Jira account

To take advantage of this functionality:

  1. First, create a global Jira service for a given Jira account under the Account Service section of the M-Bridge Services page.image3.png
  2. Next, define data mappings for the newly created service.
    Note: Mappings are now specific to a Jira service. This is to ensure that only applicable valid values are used in the mapping.image2.png
  3. Lastly, define your scenario and select the newly created service. Your service’s mapping sets can be used as part of the scenario definition.image1.png

Defining Jira Services

With this new feature, only the global Jira services are used for both the configuration and the execution of the integration.

Creating a local Jira service is no longer needed as it is not used in any part of the Jira integration.

The selected global Jira service on a mapping set is used when populating the drop-downs of the mapping set.

The selected global Jira service on the scenario is used when populating the Jira drop-downs in the scenario. This same global Jira service is then used during the execution of the integration during run time.

Upgrade Notes

Current Jira integrations will automatically have their current mapping sets and scenarios connected to the current active global Jira service. The integrations will continue to run as normal. If you do not want to take advantage of this new capability, no change is needed on your part.

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