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Apply a Template to a Project

With Kantata OX, you can apply a template that contains commonly repeated tasks, assignments, and other information to an existing project. This saves you from having to manually add identical information to your projects repeatedly.

When you apply a template to an existing project, you also have the following resource mapping options:

  • Add a new unnamed resource to the project
  • Map a resource to a current project team member
  • Invite other account members to the project
  • Change a resource's project role
Note: The Project Creator (or higher) account permission or Edit Financials (or higher) project permission is required to apply a template to a project.

How to Apply a Template to an Existing Project

  1. Hover over Projects on the left-side nav bar.
  2. If the project for which you'd like to apply a template doesn't appear in the Recent Projects section, click All Projects and locate the project from the Project List tab on the subsequent Projects page.Task-Tracker-Select-Project.png
  3. Once you've selected a project and are in the project workspace, click on the Task Tracker tab.Task-Tracker-Tab.png
  4. At the top-right of the Task Tracker tab's filter bar, click the Apply a Template button.Apply-a-Template.png
  5. When the Use a template section appears, select a template from the field.Use-a-template.png
  6. When the Apply Template modal appears, you'll be able to specify a Start Date (relative dates in the template are based off this date) and decide whether you'd like to Treat weekends as work days (i.e., the task duration will include weekend days).Apply-Template.png
  7. Below that, you'll see a table that contains a list of template resources and resource labels on the left, mapping options in the middle, and project roles on the right.
    • In the Map To column, you can choose to map to a brand new unnamed resource, a current unnamed resource on the project, a current project team member (named resource), or invite an account member who is not currently on the project.
    • In the Project Role section, you can change the role of a team member or unnamed resource on the project, but you are unable to change the role of someone who is already participating in the project.
      Note: You can reassign a current team member's role on a project in the Rates & Roles section of Project Settings.
  8. Once you've finished mapping your resources, click Apply Template.Edit-First-Apply-Template-Button.pngAlternatively, clicking the Edit First button adds all unnamed/project resources, but takes you back to the Task Tracker before applying the template so you can make last minute changes before saving.
  9. You'll be returned to the project with all the template tasks added and resources assigned in the Task Tracker tab.

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