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Jira API Token-Based Authentication

Note: Atlassian is sunsetting user credentials as a method of accessing the Jira API. As a result, the Jira API returns “401 Access Denied” errors when attempting to synchronize data with Mavenlink. To resolve this issue, you'll need to create an API token in Jira and then update your local and account Jira services in the Mavenlink Integrations Platform to use the new token.

To perform this update, please follow the steps below:


How to Authenticate Using a Jira API Token

  1. Log in to
    Note: Be sure to log in as the Jira integration user you have configured in the Services - Jira sections of the Mavenlink Integrations Platform.
  2. After logging in to the Account settings section, make sure you see the correct email address for your integration user.Jira-Account-Settings.png
  3. In the API tokens section, click the Create API token button to create a Jira API access token in your Jira account.Jira-API-Tokens.png
  4. In the Create your API token dialog, provide a memorable and concise label for your new token.Create-API-token-1.png
  5. In the Your new API token dialog, copy the API token to your clipboard. This is important as you won't be able to see the token again later.Your-New-API-Token.png
  6. Next, go to the Mavenlink Integrations Platform.
  7. From the Mavenlink Integrations header, select Services from the Account drop-down menu.MIP-Header-Services.png
  8. On the Services page, find Jira in the Account Services list and click the Edit button located to the right. Note that you can integrate more than one Jira account.jira-account-service-mapping.png
  9. Edit the following:
    • In the Email field, provide the Jira integration user’s email address.
    • In the Token field, paste the API token you previously copied to your clipboard.Services-Jira-MIP.png
    • Note: If you are using an On premise Jira server, tokens are not supported. You must fill out the username and password. Leave the Email field empty. Entering an email will generate a Jira error during synchronization.
  10. When you are finished updating these sections, click Save.
  11. Check to make sure the Mavenlink Integrations Platform can connect by clicking the Test button(s) located to the right of each Jira Service in the Account Services sections.Account-Services-Jira-Test-MIP.png
  12. If everything is configured correctly, you will receive a ‘success’ confirmation message. Your integration scenarios will automatically start using the updated service definition.


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