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Master Planning: Show and Hide Resources



Team members may belong to projects without being allocated or scheduled—either because they have yet to be assigned, are not working directly on the project, or are simply there to observe. At other times, members may only be required during the initial stages of a project and will have no future impact once their participation is complete. By default, Mavenlink hides these “unallocated” resources and projects in the Resource List to reduce unnecessary scrolling and visual clutter, making it easier to manage multiple projects and team members.

To get started, click the arrow to the left of a resource row to expand it.


By default, when grouped by Team Members or Projects, only members in projects with future allocated or scheduled hours (based on prior the Sunday) are displayed in the Resource List; all others are hidden. Only active projects are shown in the Resource List; archived projects do not appear.


Click Show to fully expand a row in the Resource List and reveal hidden users or projects, starting with those that only have scheduled or allocated hours in the past, followed by those that have never been allocated or scheduled.

When a team member or project row in the Resource List is fully-expanded, clicking Hide will reduce the row to only show projects or members that have future scheduled or allocated hours.


If the main project or team member row is completely collapsed, all unallocated resources will be hidden again the next time the row is expanded.

How the Resource List Is Ordered

When grouped by Team Members, projects are sorted alphabetically in one of the following sections:

  1. Projects where members have future allocated/scheduled hours
  2. Projects where members have past allocated/scheduled hours
  3. Projects where members have never been allocated/scheduled hoursGrouped-by-Team-Member-Ordering-2.png

When grouped by Projects, team members are sorted alphabetically in one of the following sections:

  1. Unnamed resources are alwaysshown first, regardless of allocated/scheduled hours
  2. Members in the project that have future allocated/scheduled hours
  3. Members in the project that have past allocated/scheduled hours
  4. Members in the project that have never been allocated/scheduled hours
    * Unnamed resources in the Resource List can be hidden completely, depending on your Display Preferences.

Grouped-by-Project-Ordering-2.pngHow to Add Hidden Resources to Projects

When grouped by Team Members, you can assign a member to a project by clicking Add to Project at the bottom of an expanded resource row.


If a member is assigned to a project that is currently hidden, it will effectively “unhide” that project and move it to the bottom of the list of visible resources; it will not add that member to the same project twice. Keep in mind that, if the member is not provided with future allocated hours on the project, the project will again be hidden the next time the team member row is expanded.


Conversely, when grouped by Projects, you can assign a member to a project by clicking Add Team Member at the bottom of an expanded resource row.


If a member belonging to a project is currently hidden (because they have no future allocated hours), they will be made visible at the bottom of the Resource List; they will not be added to the project twice. If you do not provide that member with future allocated hours, they will hidden again the next time the project row is expanded. 


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