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Invite Users to a Project

After creating a project, you can begin adding providers (the people you work with) and clients (the people you work for). This is done from the Project Admin box on the Activity tab.

Note: The ability to invite others to a project is always available to Project Administrators. For all other project permission levels, the ability to invite is determined by the Can Invite setting in Project Permissions Defaults. Regardless of the default setting, Project Administrators can override this for individual project participants by checking the Can Invite? box in Project Permissions settings.can-invite-box.gif

How to Invite People to a Project

  1. Click +Invite and choose which side of the project you want the user to participate on; these team names are commonly referred to as Clients and Providers.
    Note: The Clients and Providers are default team names; they can be customized in General Settings and will be used each time a new project is created. However, you can also customize team names on a project-by-project basis in Project Settings.Invite-Users.png
  2. On the Invitation Editor, provide the invitee's email addresses. If you’ve integrated Mavenlink with Google Workspace, you’ll be able to invite people directly from Google Contacts.Invite-Users.png
  3. Next, you can personalize the default Subject and Message. Any changes you make will be displayed in the preview on the right.
  4. When you’re finished, click Send Invitation. If you added more than one email address, a personalized invitation will be individually sent to each recipient.
  5. A notification appears at the top of the Project Activity Feed to let you know the number of invitations sent, and whether any of the invitees need to be assigned a Roleproject-activity-tracker-invitation-project-role-notification.png

Inviting an External Project Participant

If you invite a consultant to the project that is not in your Mavenlink account, they will appear as an External participant in the Project Admin box. An external project participant is not a member of the account that owns the project. The distinction between internal and external participants is important only for Providers; Mavenlink does not make this distinction for Clients. External project participants have limited access to Mavenlink from within the project. If an external participant is an employee or requires more than View Only project access, you will need to add them to your account.

Note: If you have Account Members Only selected in the Project Participants section of Mavenlink’s General Settings, inviting external users to the Provider-side of the project will fail.

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