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Invite Users to a Project


After creating a project, you can add team members to the Providers and Clients side of the project from the Project Admin box in the Activity tab


  • Providers—This team is providing the service. For Enterprise and Premier customers, the provider sends invoices and creates time and expense entries.
  • Clients—This team is the requester of the service. For Enterprise and Premier customers, the client receives invoices and pays for the services rendered.

The ability to invite others to a project is always available to Project Administrators. For all other project permission levels, the ability to invite is determined by the Invite Members to Project additional access setting on the Project Permissions and Project Permission Defaults pages.

If your account settings allow, you can invite a Provider to the project that is not in your Kantata OX account and they will appear in the External section of the Team tab located in the Project Admin box.

Note: If the Account Members Only setting is selected in the Project Participants section of General Settings, you cannot invite external participants to the Provider-side of the project.

How to Invite People to a Project

  1. In the left navigation, click Projects and then select the desired project on the Projects page.
  2. In the Activity tab of the project workspace, locate the Project Admin box on the right side of the screen and then click + Invite in the Team tab.
  3. Select which side of the project you want the user to participate on. These team names are commonly referred to as Clients and Providers.
    Note: Clients and Providers are default team names. They can be customized in General Settings and will be used each time a new project is created. You can also customize team names on a project-by-project basis in Project Settings.
  4. In the Invitation Editor modal, enter an email address for each invitee in the To field. Project_Invite_modal.png
    Note: If you’ve integrated Kantata with Google Workspace, your Google Contacts will appear when you search for them in the To field.
  5. If desired, you can personalize the default Subject and Message. Any changes you make display in the preview on the right.
  6. To make this template the default every time you invite a user, click the Use this as a default message checkbox. To remove a template as the default, you can uncheck the box at any time.
    Note: Clicking the Use this as a default message checkbox will only make the template message the default for you, not every team member in your account.
  7. Click Send Invitation. If you added more than one email address, the invitation will be individually sent to each recipient.
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