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Vendor Expenses



This feature helps you keep track of non-reimbursable expenses that are reimbursed to vendors, not the individual user who is entering the expense. You can start logging vendor expenses once you have imported or manually entered your vendors.

How to Create a Vendor Expense

  1. To log a vendor expense in Kantata OX, hover over Time & Expense on the left-side nav bar and select Expenses.
  2. On the Expenses page, begin logging an expense as you would normally.
  3. When you reach the Reimbursable to me option, uncheck the box; this option is always checked by default.
    Note: You can disable this checkbox only when vendors are defined in the Vendors tab of your Time & Expense Settings.
  4. Disabling the checkbox causes a Vendor drop-down menu to appear to the right of the Reimbursable to me checkbox on the Expenses page.
  5. Select the vendor who is to be reimbursed for the expense (i.e., directly paid by the company); for instance, an expense from a subcontractor.
  6. When you are finished, click Save to add your expense to the table.
  7. Once the expense has been logged, the vendor you selected will be shown in the table under the Vendor column. Values in this column can be used to quickly indicate whether a particular expense was reimbursable or not.




Note: If you are using our NetSuite or QuickBooks integration, these expenses are handled differently than reimbursable expenses.

  • QuickBooks (Online and Desktop): These expenses become Vendor Bills for selected vendors when synced with QuickBooks.
  • Netsuite: Our existing Expense Report scenarios are filtered to process only reimbursable expenses; therefore, we have added new Vendor Bill scenarios to process non-reimbursable expenses. Please contact our support team for information on how to set up these scenarios.
Note: At this time, our Intacct integration has not been updated. If you are using this integration, do not use this feature until the integration has been updated.

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