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Holiday Calendars



Holiday Calendars allow you to define the days in which your account members are unavailable for work due to company holidays—including any that are distinct to your region or organization.

You’ll also be able to create more accurate Analytics Reports and more effectively schedule resources. The Utilization Report, for example, takes holidays into account when looking at a member’s possible hours. The Resource Shaping Tool also automatically considers holidays when you front-load or back-load a resource’s schedule—those scheduled to work on holidays will appear as overallocated (unless you manually override the hours).

How to Enable Holiday Calendars

An Account Administrator can enable Holiday Calendars at any time by hovering over Settings on the left-hand nav bar, selecting Schedule, and then clicking Create a Holiday Calendar. Initially, a default holiday calendar will be created and assigned to all members on your account. Remember, you can always create different holiday calendars and add account members to them later on.

How to Create and Manage Holiday Calendars

  1. Hover over Settings on the left-hand nav bar and select Schedule.
  2. On the Holidays tab, click the Add Holiday button.
  3. Next, add a Title, Start Date, and End Date. If you'd like to maintain the historical accuracy of your utilization reports set the Start Date in the past.
  4. The Paid checkbox is selected by default. If this is not a company paid holiday, be sure to deselect it.
  5. When you’re finished adding all your holidays, open the Calendars tab.
  6. Click the Add Calendar button on the top-right to open the Calendar side panel.
  7. Add a Calendar Name (required) and then click Create.
  8. Click the Add a Holiday field; all holidays that have been previously created will appear in the drop-down list. Select the ones that you want to add to the calendar.
  9. In the People section, click the Add a user field to assign account members to this calendar. You can start typing the member name and a drop-down will appear below the field, populated with a list of available options for you to select from. Below the member’s name, you’ll see the calendar to which they are currently assigned.
  10. To remove holidays or people from the calendar, simply click the Remove icon to the right of each one.
Tip: You can create multiple holiday calendars. Use this feature if your company works in countries with different holiday observances, or if some of your employees have unpaid holidays.

How to Edit Holiday Calendars

Calendars automatically become active on the day that they are created. You can always adjust the Start Date of a calendar, remove calendars, or add new calendars from the Account Members Details panel. In the Schedule section, you’ll see which holiday calendars—if any—are assigned to the account member. If you have someone that is moving to a new location, with different holiday observances, you can set up a schedule of calendars here. schedule_section_of_panel.png

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