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Holiday Calendars

[Premier and Enterprise Customers]

Holiday Calendars allow you to inform your team’s capacity by allowing you to indicate which days are not available for work due to a holiday. With this feature, you can create holidays, assign them to calendars and then assign those calendars to your account members. If you’re an organization that has teams in a variety of countries, you can create holiday calendars for each country as needed. Holiday Calendars will inform what days are available for resource scheduling, as well as Analytics Reports such as Utilization and Time Tracking.

How to get started
To enable Holiday Calendars, an Account Administrator can navigate to the Schedule section of Account Settings, click on the Holiday tab and click on “Create a Holiday Calendar.”

Enabling Holiday Calendars will create an Account Default Holiday Calendar and assign it to all the account members on your account. You can always move account members to a different Holiday Calendar, if you wish.

To start creating Holidays, add from the table and assign them to the Account Default Calendar. You can set the name of your Holiday, the date range it’s active, as well as whether it’s paid or unpaid. If you want to ensure historical utilization accuracy, you can create holidays with dates in the past, too.

If you’d like to create multiple calendars, you can do so on the Calendars tab. You may want to create different calendars for countries with different observances or if you have a group of individuals who have unpaid holidays, such as contractors.

From the calendar side panel (accessible from the list of calendars found under the Calendars Tab), you can add people to the calendar or add holidays. If you add individuals to a calendar from the side panel, the calendar will have an active start date of today. You can modify the term that a calendar is active from the account member side panel.

To make adjustments to when a holiday calendar is active for a particular account member, navigate the the Members section under Settings and click on the name of the user you wish to modify. On the side panel, you’ll see a section called “Schedule.” The Schedule section will display that user’s workweek (if workweeks are enabled), as well as their Holiday Calendars. If you have an account member who will move to a location with different observances, you can set up a schedule of holiday calendars here.

Once you have your Holiday Calendars set up, you can see their effect in Analytics reports, as well as when you’re scheduling a resource to a task. From the Utilization report for example, you’ll notice that the possible hours for an account member take holidays into account. When you use Mavenlink’s resource shaping tool to automatically frontload or backload a resource schedule, hours will not be scheduled on days when a resource is unavailable due to a holiday. Any existing day that a resource was scheduled to work will now show as over allocated, if that day is a holiday.


Can I override a holiday to assign work hours to an account member even if they have a holiday appearing?

  • Yes you can. We will let you know whenever someone is over allocated, while still allowing you to manual schedule someone however you wish.

When I enable Holiday Calendars, will I be able to create my own holidays? 

  • Yes, we recognize that different organizations have different observances so we allow you to create your own holidays.

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