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Project Proofs Tab

[Premier/Enterprise + Mavenlink Proofing]

The project proofs tab allows you to view all the proofs added to your project from a single view.

Proofs Tab Basics
To see the proofs tab, navigate to a project and then select Proofs.

The proofs tab will show the proof name and the name of the task the proof is attached to. Based on the most recent version of the proof, you’ll also see who uploaded the proof and when and if there are comments. You can also see how many versions of the proof have been uploaded.

Navigating the Proofs Tab

  • At the bottom of the screen, you can navigate to see more proofs.
  • If you don’t immediately see the proof you’re looking for, you can also search for a proof or sort by title, task, uploader, and upload date to see your proofs organized in a different way.
  • You can open the task detail panel by clicking the task name.
  • Select the View icon (“
    ”) to view the proof in the Proofing Workspace.
  • Select the Download icon (“
    ”) to download the most recent version of the proof file.

Q: Can I view proofs from all of my projects at once?
A: No, proofs can only be viewed on individual tasks or within a single project.

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