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Users can search the text of activity posts from anywhere in Mavenlink.

Searching for Posts
Using the search box found at the top of the screen, enter one or more search terms found in the text of prior activity posts. The first few results will appear below the search box with the search term(s) in bold so you can easily the context of your search term within a post.

If you don’t see the post you’re looking for, you can choose to see all results from your search term from the bottom of the results box. This will take you to a new page where all of your results can be seen; if there are more than 10 results, you can scroll through pages of results from the bottom of your screen.

Select one of your search results to jump to that post in the project activity feed.

Searching an Individual Project
To limit your search to an individual project, navigate to the project you wish to search and enter your search term in the search box. The results you see will be limited to your current project. You will have the option to see all results within the project or an option to see all results across all projects.


Q: Can I search for private posts?

A: Yes, if you can view the post, it can also be viewed in your search results. Users that do not have access to view a private post will not be able to search for it.


Q: Can I search for posts in an archived project?

A: Yes. The default is to include archived projects in your search, but after entering a search term, you can deselect that option to limit your search to active projects.



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